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The Porsche Sports Cup China’s third year kicked off with a thrilling Zhuhai motorsport weekend2021 Porsche Sports Cup China Zhuhai stop

Porsche Sports Cup China Zhuhai stop joined up with the third and fourth rounds of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.

The Zhuhai motorsport weekend is a key part of the year-long “20 Years of Porsche in the Chinese Mainland” celebration.

Kris Wu won the Porsche Sprint Challenge China to further enrich his racing experience.

Porsche Club China celebrated its fourth anniversary.

Zhuhai. From 22 to 23 May, the motorsport carnival for Porsche Enthusiasts – Porsche Sports Cup China – returned to Zhuihai International Circuit to kick off its third year, offering a fantastic racing weekend alongside the third and fourth rounds of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. Porsche China Motorsport Representitive Kris Wu conquered the Porsche Sprint Challenge China in a 911 GT3 R while also deepening his race experience and driving skills.

In addition, the Zhuhai stop coincided with the fourth anniversary of the Porsche Club China, with members gathering to share their endless love for the Porsche brand. The excitement and passion of Porsche will continue to build over the coming weeks, as “An Exclusive Date with Porsche 2021” for the Porsche China South Region returns from 24 to 31 May, continuing to deliver the brand's unique sports car culture and driving pleasure on and off the track.

Porsche Sports Cup China Zhuhai Stop

As the birthplace of motorsport in China, Zhuhai International Circuit has played host to the excitement of the the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia multiple times. Last weekend, the legendary circuit in southern China not only welcomed back the series, but also once again kicked off the Porsche Sport Cup China's six-month motorsport carnival as the first stop.

During the race weekend in Zhuhai, over 100 Porsche road cars and race cars gathered for the four track experience programmes. From Experience for Beginners, Introduction to Race Track and Porsche Drivers Competition for advanced drivers, to the Porsche Sprint Challenge China for racecar drivers, all driver skill levels were catered to, with a notable high point being the awe-inspiring Porsche Parade.

Fourth anniversary of Porsche Club China

On 21 May, Porsche Club China members gathered in Zhuhai to celebrate the club's fourth birthday while experiencing the excitement of the Porsche Sports Cup China. Founded in 2017, Porsche Club China has since grown to become the fourth largest Porsche Club worldwide. Its regional branches now cover Shanghai, Shenzhen, Changzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. During the ceremony, Gary Shone, Vice President Customer Relations of Porsche China, shared his thoughts on the develepments of the club, saying: “Porsche Club China brings together fellow owners with a shared love of Porsche. Over the past four years, our club network has steadily expanded to over 8,000 members, and we are still welcoming new friends. The Porsche Owners Club of China will continue to deliver exciting experiences that will live up to your passion for and expectations of the brand.”

Echoing the “Belief, Resonates” theme of the 20 years of Porsche in the Chinese Mainland celebrations, Porsche Club China kicked off a year-round “Rally for Belief ” interactive campaign, with a specially designed faith scroll as a token, accompanied by a variety of brand activities and driving experiences to convey the faith in the ultimate sports car. During the anniversary ceremony, representatives of regional clubs also signed the scrolls.

Promoting regional motorsport culture with an ever-expanding calendar

In 2021, with the 20th anniversary of the brand’s entry into the Chinese Mainland, Porsche Sports Cup China has expanded once again to offer Porsche enthusiasts a richer and more in-depth motorsport experience than ever before at five tracks in five cities. After Zhuhai, the Sports Cup and Porsche Carrera Cup Asia will travel to Zhuzhou and Ningbo International Circuits for the next two stops. In mid-September, the fourth stop will be held at V1 Tianjin International Circuit. Finally, the Sports Cup will return to Porsche China's home base in Shanghai at the end of October for its grand finale in conjunction with the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and the annual Sportscar Together Day.

Dainel Schmollinger, Vice President Marketing of Porsche China said: “In 2019, the first Porsche Sports Cup China was launched in conjunction with the Sports Car Together Day, and in 2020, it was expanded to two stops with great success. Over the years, Porsche has been committed to promoting motorsport culture in China, and we are encouraged by seeing more and more people getting into motorsport. So this year we have expanded the Sports Cup even further, hoping to bring Porsche's passion for motorsport to even more enthusiasts.”

From 25 to 27 June, The Porsche Sport Cup China will join forces with the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia for Rounds 5 and 6 in Hunan Province at the Zhuzhou International Circuit, the first oval circuit in China with the largest cross slope and the largest drop, to continue the racing thrills.


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