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2019 Porsche “Health Regimen” Service Experience Day launches“Health Regimen” maintains balanced performance

• Fifth wave of Porsche Service Experience programme launches.
• The “Health Regimen” Event reinforced the importance of scheduled maintenance using expertly fitted Porsche Genuine Parts, to maintain a vehicle’s balanced performance.
• The event contents include: recognising the general specification and quality grade of the oil; maintaining proper functioning of the Porsche Dynamic Lighting System; understanding Porsche N-mark tyres’ characteristics and maintenance; understanding spark plug performance and its effect on the engine. Plus, use of Porsche car care products to protect the vehicle’s exterior.
• The event uses an interactive approach to help customers appreciate that Porsche’s balanced performance can only be achieved through complete professional care.

Shanghai/Stuttgart. On 24 October, 2019 The Porsche “Health Regimen” Service Experience Day event took place in the Porsche Centre Shanghai Waigaoqiao.

“Performance Maintained” has been the philosophy of Porsche after sales service since July 2016 and has been used in all customer experience events since. The launch of the series of activities has won wide recognition, attention and praise from Porsche customers nationwide.

This year's Service Experience Day is inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine concept of "five elements living together". It is the fifth wave of Service Experience programme held by Porsche China in collaboration with Porsche Centres all over the country. Through vivid explanations, displays and interactive experiences, the event demonstrates the importance of regular maintenance and genuine Porsche replacement parts to ensure vehicle performance and safety. It also demonstrates Porsche’s commitment to providing customers with high standard, high-quality products and services, using professional maintenance technology and a transparent service process. As a result, Porsche is able to more effectively satisfy more customers’ maintenance needs.

The theme of this year's Porsche “Health Regimen” Service Experience Day is inspired by the concept of the 5 elements found in traditional Chinese medicine. This is because maintaining the balanced peak performance of a Porsche is similar to taking care of our bodies. According to traditional Chinese culture, maintaining the inner balance of the five elements (gold, wood, water, fire and earth) is the key to staying healthy. In the same way, regular professional maintenance is very important for the balanced performance of vehicle systems, to deliver safe and stable driving.

All components and systems in the vehicle need to work smoothly together. This principle also lies behind the insistence on quality by Porsche after-sales service, including:

• Using the correct specification of oil
• Ensuring the precision of the Porsche Dynamic Lighting System
• Maintaining a spotless exterior
• Continuous strong spark plug performance
• Safe tyre tread depth

All these factors work together to ensure that the vehicle is in the best condition.

The Service Experience Day programme with the " Health Regimen " theme will be promoted to Porsche Centres all over the country in 2020, to help customers better understand the benefits of efficient and expert Porsche maintenance.

With its customer-oriented service concept, Porsche has been committed to providing the same high level of repair and maintenance services for every car built to Porsche standards of excellence. For example, Porsche Centres across the country utilise diagnostic systems and specialist repair tools developed at Porsche headquarters in Germany, to ensure efficient, accurate and professional repair and maintenance. In addition, every technician in every Porsche Centre has received strict training in his or her professional field. “Gold” Level Technicians, for example, are required to undergo at least four years of training courses and to pass an examination before they can be awarded the qualification. The after-sales Service Experience Day will help customers not only to understand the importance of vehicle maintenance, but also to experience the after-sales service excellence of Porsche.


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