Porsche Approved Limited Warranty
Porsche Approved Limited Warranty

Porsche Approved Limited Warranty

The Porsche Approved Limited Warranty covers all components of your Porsche from manufacturer defects and offers the same level of service as our new vehicle warranty. The Porsche Approved Limited Warranty covers a period of 2 years and unlimited mileage and can be extended provided your Porsche is no more than 13 years old and has less than 200,000 km.

If all service and maintenance appointments have been carried out at a Porsche Centre, the Porsche Approved Warranty Extension can be added to an existing warranty without a 111-point check. Porsche Approved includes a warranty of 2 years with unlimited mileage.

Like your vehicle, we want to ensure your Porsche Approved Limited Warranty also stands for reliability and trust. This means openly stating what will not be covered under a Porsche Approved Limited Warranty and why.

As a Porsche ages, it can undergo visual and acoustic changes without affecting its functionality (e.g. cracks in the leather). Also certain parts are subject to ageing and natural wear. For this reason your Porsche has scheduled service and maintenance intervals. Visual and acoustic concerns, wear and tear are not defects and are therefore excluded from the warranty.

Porsche Approved Limited Warranty Coverage with Unlimited Mileage

If the qualifying Porsche Approved vehicle is purchased while still under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, the maximum coverage under this limited warranty is up to 6 years, cumulative from the date the vehicle was first put on the road, whichever comes first.

If the New Vehicle Warranty (NVW) expires because maximum kilometre limit under NVW is reached (80,000 kilometres), the Extended Warranty period will commence at time NVW kilometre limit is reached and Porsche Approved Warranty expiry date will change.

If the qualifying pre-owned Porsche vehicle is purchased after the New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired, the maximum coverage under the Porsche Approved Limited Warranty is up to 2 years from the date of used vehicle retail sale.

In both instances, the Porsche Approved Limited Warranty does not carry a mileage limit on coverage, rather is only limited by time in service. The New Vehicle Limited Warranties applicable to your Porsche vehicle are primary until they expire.