Porsche - Warranty


The warranty periods start the day the vehicle is delivered to the owner. They include:

  • Four-year / 80,000 km warranty on all new vehicles whichever occurs first*
  • Two-year warranty on genuine Porsche spare and replacement parts and accessories which are used or sold outside of warranty work. For Porsche parts which are used during warranty work, the warranty period ends at the same time as that of the vehicle that has become defective
  • Three-year paint warranty
  • 12-year long-term (perforation) warranty
  • 8 year / 130,000 km HV Battery warranty

* Applies for vehicles purchased and registered in the USA and Canada (outside the USA and Canada 2 years / unlimited kms).

Warranty extension

Porsche - For new and pre-owned vehicles

For new and pre-owned vehicles

Designed to give you the peace of mind and reassurance that your pride and joy has the complete backing of a factory warranty. A Porsche warranty extension provides similar benefits and security to those of any new Porsche warranty. For details, speak to your Porsche Service Consultant.

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