Porsche - Factory collection and Factory tour

Factory collection and Factory tour

Factory collection

If you'd like to experience the Porsche myth at first hand, you can pick up your Porsche in person from the production plant. Please note that a number of formalities and country-specific regulations have to be observed before we can hand over your new Porsche. Discuss these details, as well as dates, with your Porsche Centre. The staff there would also be happy to make an appointment for you.

No matter whether you pick up your 911 or Boxster in Zuffenhausen or your Cayenne in Leipzig – take your time. During a 1.5-hour factory tour, you'll even get to witness what we call a "wedding" (the combining of an engine with a chassis).

Factory tour

Even if your dream of having a Porsche of your own can't come true, or if your Porsche wasn't picked up at the factory, you still have the opportunity to come on a fascinating factory tour at our production centre in Leipzig. For dates, booking options and further information, take a look at the Porsche Leipzig website (page opens in a new window).

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