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Porsche Tequipment winter wheel and tire sets

For us, winter begins with the first snowfall. For summer tires, however, it begins as soon as temperatures dip below around +7 °C. Below this point, the tire compound begins to harden and braking distances are increased. Resulting in less traction and longer breaking distances.

This is why we recommend the use of winter wheel and tire sets from Porsche Tequipment below this temperature. All the winter tires in this range have been co-developed, tested and approved by Porsche so you can rest assured that they conform to the Porsche specification, as indicated by the special Porsche designation (N0, N1, etc.) on the sidewall.

18-inch Boxster wheels with winter tires
These one-piece alloy wheels are not only the ideal match for your Porsche, they provide excellent cold-weather traction in conjunction with the winter tires.


20-inch Carrera S wheels with winter tires
The five closed-end, dual-arm spokes of these wheels will accentuate the ultrasporty appearance of your 911, while the winter tires offer improved traction in cold weather.


18-inch Cayenne S III wheels with winter tires
These one-piece alloy wheels with five-spoke design are the essence of style. Thanks to their winter tires, they offer increased traction and added safety in the colder months. Not compatible with Cayenne Turbo or Cayenne Turbo S. Not in conjunction with PCCB.


18-inch Panamera S wheels with winter tires
These sporty classic alloy wheels with a 10-spoke design are characterised by their strong grip and unique styling, and make an important contribution to safety in the cold weather.


Further product information as well as part numbers and prices can be found online at www.porsche.com/tequipment in our new Tequipment accessory finder.