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Porsche - Personal Instructors

Personal Instructors

Improving performance. That is and always has been a basic principle at Porsche. And not just when it comes to producing sportscars. Now you can derive the maximum benefit from our courses and improve your own performance with the aid of a personal instructor.

Your personal instructor will direct all of his efforts to improving your vehicle control skills throughout the training course. Next to you in the passenger seat, as an observer and coach on the track or in personal discussions after you have completed a section.

Like all of our training staff, personal instructors are also specialists, armed with valuable insider knowledge acquired over many years as instructor or in motorsport.

The perfect driving partner, your personal instructor will provide you with individual support to optimize your learning progress.

Subject to availability, the service of a personal instructor can be requested for any course.

One day: 13,000 RMB
Two day: 20,000 RMB