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Porsche - Precision


Our two-day Precision training is the ideal opportunity to explore the full potential of your vehicle. In addition to an individual driving style assessment, the course also includes detailed and thorough coverage of the basics. The program includes an unforgettable module where drivers can complete full laps on the circuit.

The first day of course focuses on how to handle the vehicle and respond correctly in hazardous situations. Under expert instructions, you will learn to approach and tackle bends accurately. At the same time, attention is paid to the potential dangers of everyday road traffic. Other particularly important factors here are learning to estimate speed and being able to react quickly. You will practice taking evasive action and experience the effect that slight differences in speed can have on the intensity of load changes.

With instructors on hand, you will gradually simulate driving conditions in which the vehicle threatens to oversteer. You will also practice how to maintain control in even the most demanding situations.

On the second day you will have the opportunity to experience the thrills of the circuit first hand, with plenty of time for practicing the basic requirements for safely negotiating a bend – accurate steering, skilful braking and careful acceleration.

Required level: none
Price: from 18,000 RMB
All-in-One Package available
Next level up: Performance