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Porsche - g-Force


During g-Force course you discover how to safely transfer the power of your vehicle to the road and successfully regain control of a car threatening to oversteer – with no intervention from electronic aids.

First, you learn the physical principles in the theory sessions, then you have the chance to try them out on the circuit.

Guided by our instructors, you will be introduced to the high art of vehicle control, which demands a precise interplay of steering, acceleration and braking.

Discover the fascination of a controlled drift and learn how to keep your car under control in some of the most challenging situations. You learn how to best react to load changes and maximize driving safety in the process.

The second day of the course offers plenty of opportunity to complete full laps of the circuit and to put what you have learned into practise, enabling you to improve your performance – and experience unadulterated driving pleasure.

In the morning we will start with section training and guided driving on the track.

Finally this course will give you the thrill and the experience of seeing the road out of your side window.

Required level: Precision recommended
Price: from 26,000 RMB
All-in-One Package available