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Porsche - Automatic Payment Plan

Automatic Payment Plan

When you finance or lease your new or pre-owned Porsche through Porsche Financial Services Canada, choose the Automatic Payment Plan and get rid of the payment books, envelopes and stamps. Available to new and existing customers, the program helps simplify the payment process by automatically deducting your monthly payments from a designated bank account.

Secure and Convenient

Automatic Payment Plan transactions are more secure than sending a payment via mail. Your payment won't get lost or delayed because it's automatically drawn from your designated bank account on the date indicated on your lease or finance contract.* Automatic payments typically begin four weeks after receiving your request. Please continue to mail payments until you receive confirmation.

Easy set up

To set up the Automatic Payment Plan, simply complete our Authorization Agreement and enclose a voided blank cheque from the account you wish to use. This can be easily done at the Porsche dealership where you are taking delivery of your new or pre-owned Porsche, when completing all other leasing or financing documents. If you're an existing Porsche Financial Services Canada customer, call 1-866-321-2933 for details on how you can enroll.

* If a payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deduction will occur on the next business day.