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Porsche - GT3 Cup Course

GT3 Cup Course

GT3 Cup

The GT3 Cup course provides you with the opportunity to drive a genuine, factory-built 911 GT3 Cup Car, as used in the Carrera Cup one-make racing series around the world.

It will also provide you with coaching in the advanced driving skills needed to pilot these cars at high speeds with confidence lap-after-lap.

Using state-of-the-art data acquisition, you, your instructor and your engineer, will be able to monitor your progress, make adjustments as necessary to lines, braking, shifting and steering and build your confidence and abilities in the car, improving your performance throughout the day.

Our instructors are high level professional racing drivers who will work closely with you, to improve your skills and capabilities behind the wheel. Tutoring is invaluable whether for racing in elite competition or to provide the thrill and experience of driving a genuine, factory prepared, Carrera Cup Car.

Our engineer will work with you and your instructor to increase your understanding of the use of data to improve on your lap times and consistency. At the end of each course, you will have a much improved understanding of your own capabilities and the analysis and use of data acquisition to keep monitoring and improving your performance.

To take part in a GT3 Cup course, you will need to meet criteria set by our Chief Instructor. In essence, you will need to hold a national racing licence or have completed Levels 1 to 4 of the Porsche Sport Driving School.

Each Carrera Cup race car has been fully race prepared by professional race technicians. The GT3 Cup instruction days are held at Queensland Raceway near Brisbane – less than an hour’s drive from Brisbane Airport.

Each day is limited to a maximum of six participants to ensure quality of instruction, with a maximum participant to instructor ratio of three to one, to ensure the experience is tailored to your individual needs and abilities.

You will be monitored by your instructor from the pit lane and will work with your instructor and engineer to analyse the car’s on board data and how to use this to adjust your driving and the car’s set up.

At the end of the day’s instruction, you will leave with a certificate confirming your completion of the course.

Shortly afterwards, you will receive a DVD with footage of your laps from in-car camera’s fitted to each car, providing you with a unique and valuable memento of your day and y our progression.

The course structure has been designed to give you increased levels of proficiency on the day and self-development material to take you with.