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Porsche - Advanced Driver Training

Advanced Driver Training

There are certain things only a Porsche can do.

As every owner knows, a Porsche is unlike any other car on the road. It has been engineered to perform and has the kind of responsiveness, in-built intelligence and emotional power that cries out to be used. This is one day devoted to doing just that.

Advanced Driver Training has also been devised to help you, as a Porsche driver, react better in both day-to-day situations and emergencies. On the course we are able to simulate (in safety) the kind of situation which may arise in a crisis – for which you have no ‘hands-on’ experience. We are able to give you that experience. An experience which may prove vital.

The course also tackles the less spectacular but no less important day-to-day issues such as throttle control and correct steering skills. Exploit the dynamic potential of your Porsche in safety without the restrictions of normal road conditions or the inconvenience of other road users, be trained by friendly and experienced Porsche instructors and most importantly, enjoy the drive.

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Places are limited. For more information or to register now, call Dearne Riddell 1800 062 911 or email sportdrivingschool@porsche.com.au