Porsche Tracks. The Future of Sports Cars.
Mexico December 01, 2018 - January 05, 2019

A Unique Brand Experience in Mexico.

Porsche - Decades of stories in one room.

Decades of stories in one room.

Discover a new Porsche Pop-Up experience coming to Mexico following its debut in New York, London, Shangai and other megacities.
Porsche Tracks brings together what seems different at first glance: tradition and innovation. Modelled on a modern record store, Porsche Tracks features mediapads with video ’records’ to play - watch inspiring films that take you through some key moments throughout Porsche history and future. A multi-sensory brand experience with the opportunity to explore the different stories that have shaped the Porsche brand and what its future will look like on the never ending mission: The Future of Sports Cars.

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Porsche - The Experience.

The Experience.

Envelop yourself in the world of Porsche through the latest augmented reality technology within the Future Lab to learn more about the Mission e that is also one of the highlight display cars at the store. Check out the historical cars, a 1965 Porsche 356 coupe and a 930, to explore where the brand has come from for over 70 years. Stroll through the Art Gallery and visit the Experience Corner to be part of our competitions.

Keep the record spinning: #porschetracks

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