Porsche Classic Partner

Porsche Classic Partner

Porsche Classic shows the world the way ahead

At Porsche, tradition means knowing our roots and then going one step further.

For us, tradition and innovation are bound closely together. More than 70 percent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road and therefore play a defining role in shaping the fascination of the brand.

Porsche Classic is highly committed to prolonging the service life of your classic Porsche.

At your Porsche Classic Partner, you will find experts who combine service and advice with the relevant expertise and enthusiasm.

Porsche Classic also sets visual standards: a Classic Corner in the showroom of the Porsche Classic Partner tells you at first glance that you and your classic car are at the right address.

Porsche Classic Partner organise special Classic Events and keep their customers up to date on everything to do with Porsche Classic, such as new part editions, for example.

What you can expect from a Porsche Classic Partner

The Porsche Classic Partner can be recognised as such from the very first glance

A Porsche Classic flag flying on the forecourt indicates that Classic customers and their vehicles have come to the right address.

The Classic Corner – a brand experience

In the showroom, you can see straight away that you are on the premises of a Porsche Classic Partner. The Classic Corner is a visual highlight in the showroom - a Classic brand experience, specifically for Classic customers.

The Classic Corner – an information centre

The Classic Corner features Porsche classics and display cabinets with Classic genuine parts, Porsche Crest production and technical literature. Customers also have the opportunity to browse through the model history and find out about the relationship between the brand values of tradition and innovation.

Classic expertise

Certified technicians, Parts Sales Consultants and Service Advisors, as well as a Classic contact are qualified to provide Classic enthusiasts with on-the-spot advice.

Expert advice on Porsche Classic Genuine Parts

The Porsche Classic Partner is at your disposal to answer all questions about the 52,000 items that make up the Porsche Classic spare parts range. In addition, he will tell you about new parts editions and give advice on technical matters, such as the necessary peripheral parts.

Individual support for classic Porsche models

Classic customers and their vehicle are welcomed in the Classic direct dialogue bay. Qualified Service Advisors can tell you about typical damage symptoms – covering maintenance, repair and restoration.

The best prerequisite for service to the highest standards

To guarantee the best possible standards of maintenance and repair, every Porsche Classic Partner has specialist knowledge combined with the required special tools and model-specific technical literature.

Porsche Classic Partner Movie Competition

A new story is born with every customer to a Porsche Centre: a story about genuine parts, love for classic sports cars, or maybe even a legendary hidden treasure. Some stories warrant being made into movies, which is why a movie competition was announced to all Porsche Classic Partners around the world. The result: 26 movies submitted, all showcasing Porsche’s enthusiasm.

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National Locations

Porsche Service Centre Estoril

Rua Dom Diniz Bordalo Pinheiro
Centro Empresarial Ribeira da Penha Longa , nº 3 e 4
2645-539 Alcabideche

phone: +351 707 300 911
fax: +351 210 348 839

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Porsche Service Centre Estoril

Porsche Classic | General Manager
Gonçalo Mora-Mestre

Porsche Service Centre Estoril

Our technicians also demonstrate the greatest patience, as working on a classic car is frequently synonymous with craftmanship.

We can handle all kinds of work:
- Repair and maintnance by Porsche Classic specialists
- Body and paint repair
- Body restoration
- Complete exterior and interior restoration
- Mechanics restoration
- Tyre service
- Alignment service
- Parts and accessories service
- Import and approval service
- Car detailing service
- Pick-up and delivery service
- Mandatory periodic inspection service (MOT)
- Closed towing service
- Porsche Classic purchase advice
- Access to Porsche Classic Card