911 S/T
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Unlimited driving pleasure.

A 911 in its purest form. Developed in Flacht. And built for a single purpose: maximum driving pleasure. The 911 S/T combines the essence of 60 years of the 911 with its puristic lightweight design, its breathtaking GT high performance and significantly reduced sound absorber. The result is an unprecedented synthesis of purism, agility and unique driving dynamics.

911 S/T Highlights.

Lightweight construction throughout.

Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, lightweight glass, magnesium wheels and reduced insulation make the 911 S/T the lightest 911 of its generation at 1.380 kg.

Pure understatement.

Painted CFRP elements, clear shapes, focus on the essentials: the 911 S/T combines classic understatement with a unique driving experience.

Maximum driving pleasure.

Fast into corners, even faster out of them: with the modified 4.0 litre high-revving natural aspirated engine from the GT3 RS and the short ratio 6-speed GT sports manual transmission including lightweight clutch with single-mass flywheel.

Timeless exterior design.

Elegant appearance. Silver-coloured lettering and wheels with exclusive S/T decorative covers create a brilliant contrast to the Jet Black paint finish.

Sporty interior.

Black leather, CFRP full bucket seats with seat centres in fabric with pinstripes and CFRP door pull handles underline the sporty look.

Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T.

A very special chronograph for a very special 911. The Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T with coordinated design details is available exclusively for owners of the 911 S/T.

Porsche - Every curve counts.
Every curve counts.
Fast turns. Hairpin bends. Laps of honour. The 911 S/T loves them all. Its high-revving natural aspirating engine, the optimised downforce and the sports exhaust system ensure pure driving dynamics in every bend – and the right sound on the most beautiful routes in the world.
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Every curve counts.
911 S/T

911 S/T

4.0 litre high-revving natural aspirating engine.

A classic aspirator straight from motorsport. Rough, robust, original. And with enormous power. A whopping 386 kW (525 PS) are available for the 911 S/T. The other key figures of the extraordinarily high-revving flat engine: up to 9.000 1/min cylinders with 4-valve technology and 6 individual throttle valves, which optimally supply each cylinder with intake air - for even better responsiveness.

Lightweight clutch with single-mass flywheel.

Where engine and gearbox meet, there's no room for compromise. That is why a specific lightweight clutch with a single-mass flywheel is installed in the 911 S/T. The lighter flywheel mass not only increases the revving ability of the engine, but also sets the emotions spinning – the ultimate in terms of spontaneity.

GT sports manual transmission.

More fun on the mountains? No problem for the 911 S/T. The precise shift and the shorter gear ratio of its 6-speed GT sports manual transmission enable spirited, spontaneous acceleration. At the same time, the manual transmission ensures a pure, even more direct driving experience.

Porsche - Front double wishbone axle.
Front double wishbone axle.
Precise braking – and precise steering into bends: the entire chassis of the 911 S/T is optimised for these abrupt load changes. The double control arm front axle enables even more spontaneous steering, even at higher starting speeds. The lightweight, torsion-resistant CFRP anti-roll bars keep the tilt angle as small as possible and also improve cornering dynamics.
Porsche - Specific S/T tuning.
Specific S/T tuning.
Top performer. Comfortable. Highly emotional. Each 911 demands its own tuning. With the 911 GT3 RS, the focus is on the circuit. The 911 Turbo combines comfort and sportiness, and with the 911 S/T, pure driving pleasure. That's why the S/T chassis is specifically tuned: tighter, more direct, more pure. For an even more intense driving experience.

Reduced to the essentials.

The 911 S/T has an unloaded weight of 1.380 kg. This makes it the lightest 911 of the current generation. One reason for this is systematic lightweight construction that begins with the body and continues throughout the vehicle. The second reason is purism. Because the 911 S/T dispenses with anything that could distract from driving pleasure. Parts of the insulation material. Rear seats. And certain driver assistance systems.

Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic.

Developed for motorsport. Installed in many places in the 911 S/T. Large parts of the body are made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), from the bonnet to the fenders and doors to the roof. The stabilisers, the shear panel, and the roll cage¹ are also made from the innovative, very light, and particularly stable material.

¹ Optionally available.

Porsche - Gurney Flap.
Gurney Flap.
The 911 S/T is equipped with an automatically extending rear spoiler so that the perfect contact pressure can be built up in any driving situation. There is also an aerodynamic rear spoiler, the 'Gurney Flap', on the spoiler panel. The CFRP lip, which is angled upwards, optimises downforce on the rear axle.
Porsche - Diffusers.
The smallest possible air resistance. With as much downforce as necessary. The 911 S/T meets this challenge with an intelligent combination of air intakes, spoilers and diffusers. There is a wide spoiler lip on the front end. It builds up additional downforce on the front axle. The specially shaped rear diffuser with large vanes creates a vacuum to pull the 911 S/T even more firmly onto the road.
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360° Exterior

360° Exterior.

Porsche - The exterior in detail.
The exterior in detail.
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The exterior in detail.
911 S/T

911 S/T

Porsche - CFRP in exterior colour.
CFRP in exterior colour.
Pure understatement: the 911 S/T is elegantly reserved. Visually, at least. Bonnet, fenders, doors and roof – all CFRP body components are painted in the exterior colour, for example in Black or exclusive Shore Blue Metallic.¹

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche - Forged magnesium wheels.
Forged magnesium wheels.
Every gram is a gram too many. This is especially true for wheels because of the rotating and unsprung weight. That's why the 20/21-inch GT3 RS anniversary model has lightweight forged magnesium wheels with central locking. The ultra-light forged wheels are Silver and painted in Ceramica¹ in conjunction with the Heritage Design Package.

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche - Gold-coloured lettering.
Gold-coloured lettering.
The anniversary model with the Heritage Design package stands out with its gold-coloured¹ lettering. Both the '911 S/T' model designation on the luggage compartment lid grille and the 'PORSCHE' lettering add a particularly elegant touch to the rear. They also draw a link to the historic 911 models with gold-coloured lettering.

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche - PCCB in Black.
PCCB in Black.
The motorsport-tested Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) provides extremely high braking performance and constant braking pressure. Safety is also improved under high-speed braking, thanks to its excellent fade resistance. Incidentally, the ceramic brake disc is approx. 50% lighter than grey cast iron brake discs of a comparable design.
Porsche - Decal films in Ceramica.¹
Decal films in Ceramica.¹
Another special feature of the 911 S/T with Heritage Design Package: the Ceramica colour is used as a subtle contrast to the exterior colour. In addition to the 'PORSCHE' decal set, the lollipop is also available in White or optionally in Silver. A one or two-digit start number reminiscent of earlier motorsport successes can be freely selected.

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Historic Porsche Crest.¹
Historic Porsche Crest.¹
A signet from a glorious era. The historic coat of arms from 1963 is part of the Heritage Design package and prominently features on the bonnet, as well as on all four wheel caps and on the vehicle key.¹ The gold-coloured 'PORSCHE' lettering and the orange-coloured stripes are a homage to the 911's 60th anniversary.

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche - Silver-coloured grille.¹
Silver-coloured grille.¹
The air inlets and outlets of the 911 S/T with the Heritage Design Package are also unique. The front end, the bonnet and the rear lid grille are finished in a subtle Silver colour. A massive understatement if you know what's behind the fine-meshed grilles.

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

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360° Interior

360° Interior.

Porsche - The interior in detail.
The interior in detail.
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The interior in detail.
911 S/T

911 S/T

Porsche - Lightweight door trims.
Lightweight door trims.
Weight has also been saved on the inside of the doors. But no compromise has been made in terms of finesse. In the Heritage Design Package, the lightweight door panels with their door pull loops and closing handles made of Classic Cognac semi-aniline leather¹ add exclusive accentuating details. As standard, the door pull loops are made of textile and the closing handles are in carbon-weave finish.

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche - CFRP full bucket seats.
CFRP full bucket seats.
The full bucket seats made of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) add a particularly sporty feel. The history-inspired centre parts in cloth with pinstripes artistically reflect the diagonal structure of the carbon-weave finish. Leather-covered seat bolsters offer particularly good lateral support and ensure stability in every bend. An embossed Porsche crest on the headrests complements the seat design – in conjunction with the Heritage Design package, the historic.¹

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche - GT sports steering wheel.
GT sports steering wheel.
The non-slip GT sports steering wheel fits perfectly in your hands. It is classically upholstered in Black leather and features a centre top marking, which shows the angle of the steering wheel when cornering and indicates when the wheels are aligned straight ahead when removing steering lock. On request, the original crest from 1963 and an instrument cluster with Green scales and White numerals create a historical reference to the first 911s.¹

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche - Two-tone at its finest.¹
Two-tone at its finest.¹
Black Walknappa leather, combined with mostly natural semi-aniline leather in Classic Cognac – the interior of the 911 S/T with Heritage Design Package exudes timeless elegance, while remaining crisp and sporty at heart. Both the leather upholstery with extended leather items and the interior package are designed in classic two-tone¹ and fully reflect the heritage concept. Matching this: tone-on-tone decorative stitching¹ and a roof lining made of perforated¹ Race-Tex in Black, reminiscent of times gone by.

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.
Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.
Of course, a lot of genuine craftsmanship goes into a strictly limited anniversary model like the 911 S/T. The lid of the storage compartment, covered in semi-aniline leather¹, with its embossed lettering, is an ample indication of its origin – like the entire Heritage Design package, it comes from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.

¹Only available in conjunction with the optional Heritage Design Package.

Porsche - Only 1,963 examples.
Only 1,963 examples.
The gold-coloured limited edition plaque with '911' lettering, '60 Years of the 911' model dedication and personal limited edition number is prominently located on the decorative trim of the dashboard. It makes every '60 Years of the 911' anniversary model truly unique.
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The sound of the 911 S/T
The sound of the 911 S/T.
On the open road.

Configure 911 S/T model.

911 S/T
Porsche 911 S/T
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Porsche Connect.
Digital functions for a driving experience like never before: with Porsche Connect and the new My Porsche app.

Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T.
Legend, myth, icon: to mark the anniversary of the Porsche 911 and the new edition of the 911 S/T, Porsche Design presents the Chronograph 1 – 911 S/T.
Porsche - Personalisation & finishing.

Personalisation & finishing.

At Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, we offer you a range of personalisation options for the exterior and interior of your car. For your own very personal vehicle.

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