Porsche - After Sales Services

After Sales Services

Porsche Centre Glenmarie and Porsche Centre Sungai Besi are offering different kinds of After Sales services to its valued customers. Please read on to find out more about the warranties and services offered.


4 Years Warranty

All Porsche vehicles imported and sold via Sime Darby Auto Performance Sdn Bhd are provided with a 4-year full coverage manufacturer’s warranty.

All Porsche vehicles worldwide are covered with a 2-year manufacturer’s international warranty.

Vehicles maintained or imported to Malaysia by other means than Sime Darby Auto Performance Sdn Bhd may affect the validity of this warranty.

Owners of such vehicles, may contact us anytime, for a free status check without any obligations.

These vehicles may also be eligible to apply for and purchase an additional extended factory warranty.

Terms and conditions apply.

For further information, please contact us at:

Porsche Centre Glenmarie +6(03) 5030 9911

Porsche Centre Sungai Besi +60(19) 657 9000


4 Years Free Service & Maintenance

Terms and Conditions of the Porsche Four Year Maintenance and Warranty Package (“Package”)

 1.        All required services and repairs including servicing intervals will be in accordance with the prevailing Porsche Servicing Guidelines (“PSG”). (Currently the servicing intervals for Porsche in Malaysia is 15,000kms (fifteen thousand) or one year whichever comes first.)

2.         This Package:-

2.1       comprise of the car warranty and the car maintenance.

2.2       is subject to a maximum of 100,000km (one hundred thousand kilometers) or 4 (four) years, whichever comes first.

The first two (2) years of the car warranty shall be subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Porsche New Vehicle Warranty (“PNV Warranty”) and the last two (2) years of the car warranty shall be subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Porsche Approved Pre-owned Car Warranty Certificate (“PAPOC Warranty”).

3.         The four (4) years of the car maintenance shall be subject to the terms and conditions contained herein.

4.         Should the customer request for a service to be carried out on the car when such service is not in accordance with the PSG, then the cost of such services and parts replacement shall be borne by the customer.

5.         The replacement of Brake pads is subject to a maximum of one set for each twelve (12) months.

6.         The replacement of Brake Disc is subject to a maximum of one set for each twenty four (24) months.

7.         Only genuine Porsche parts will be covered under this Package. Replacement genuine Porsche parts fitted into the car will have a two (2) year warranty subject always to the relevant applicable conditions of the Porsche New Vehicle Warranty. This package will become void if any modification or non-genuine Porsche parts are found fitted on the car.

8.         This Package will become void if the car is being use for motor sports events, public race track day events or any activities other than the normal day to day use.

9.         Maintenance and repairs caused by accidents or driver’s negligence/abuse are not covered by this Package.

10.       This Package does not cover:-

10.1     Tyres and paintwork of the car. The paintwork of the car is subject to the Porsche Long Life Guarantee as stated in the PNV Warranty.

10.2     All/any parts related to Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB).

10.3     Any Porsche cars used for commercial purposes such as leasing, rental etc.

11.          If there arise any difference/conflict between the PNV Warranty, the PAPOC Warranty and the terms and conditions contained herein, such terms and conditions shall be read together and subject to any prevailing applicable Porsche terms and conditions.


Porsche Pre-Owned / Extended Warranty

The Porsche Pre-Owned vehicles sold through Sime Darby Auto Performance Sdn Bhd are provided with factory Pre-Owned warranty coverage.

Extended Warranty is available to all Porsche vehicles currently covered by warranty, aged between 3 and 8 years old and with mileage of less than 200,000 km.

A stand alone warranty is also available for vehicles currently not covered by warranty, and meet the minimum requirements as mentioned above.

On application, all vehicles must undergo a thorough technical inspection by Sime Darby Auto Performance Sdn Bhd and faults must be rectified prior to approval.

Warranty is available (subject to technical inspection) on a yearly basis and also automatically includes Porsche Assistance coverage.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Porsche Centre Glenmarie +6(03) 5030 9911 for further information.


24-hour Roadside Assistance

Porsche Adoption Package is topped up with the Roadside Assistance, providing a comprehensive 24 hours, 365 days a year coverage in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

A customer service team dedicated to Porsche customers is available all year round. They will ensure that the most appropriate kind of assistance is sent to assist you with onward transport and accommodation. The team is also able to arrange a non-Porsche courtesy car for up to 5 days from an approved list of manufacturers. The following benefits are included with all roadside assistance packages. (Terms and conditions apply)

• Breakdown assistance at home, work or roadside

• Onward travel and accommodation if repairs cannot be made at the roadside.

• Recovery of your Porsche at the nearest Porsche Service Centre

• Hire a non-Porsche car while your Porsche is being repaired.

• Re-delivery of your Porsche once repaired or paid travel expenses for you to collect your car. (Terms and conditions apply)

• Replacement driver if existing driver is unable to drive safely due to illness or injury at the time of your intended return date. In case you drive your car outside of Peninsular Malaysia, Porsche Roadside Assistance additionally provides coverage in the following geographical areas:
• Brunei
• China
• Hong Kong
• Indonesia (only Jabotabek)
• Philippines (Island of Luzon only)
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Taiwan
• Thailand

Porsche Assistance will soon be increasing its coverage area according to the establishment of new authorised Porsche Service Centres.

Porsche Adoption Package

As the saying goes, there are no second hand Porsche’s, only new owners.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce our “Adoption Package” for Porsche owners who have purchased their used vehicle from unofficial dealers and would like to maintain their car with an authorized Porsche workshop.

To protect your valuable investment, we have put together a package which will provide you with peace of mind along with trouble-free motoring.

When a Porsche is imported through channels other than the official Importer (Grey or Parallel Imports), this poses certain problems.

Misleading Information

It cannot be assured that your mileage or other electrical system control units have been tampered with.


It cannot be assured if the vehicle has been involved in a major accident and repaired in a cheap or reckless manner.


It cannot be assured that the vehicle was maintained to according Porsche standards or if factory parts were fitted.

Local Specifications

Due to variances in local laws, regulations, environmental factors, fuel qualities etc. Porsche vehicles are built and tuned specifically for the market which it is intended for.

Example: The fuel quality in England differs from Malaysia. The Engine Management system in an English vehicle has software designed for higher grade fuels. (Known as A market)

Malaysian vehicles contain B market software which adjusts the Engine Management system to compensate for fuel quality.

If the software on your Engine Management system is incorrect, it may cause long term damage to your engine.

Technical Expertise

Porsche cars are on the cutting edge of technology and require the latest software and hardware to be maintained correctly.

Services such as live uplinks to Porsche Factory Servers and access to R&D engineer support are only available in Malaysia to Sime Darby Auto Performance (SDAP), and official Porsche workshops.

Our packages have been created to address these issues and provide a comprehensive service for your vehicle to ensure it meets Malaysian specifications.

Package Includes

Background Check
1. Check status and complete outstanding workshop and/or recall campaigns. (Important! - Safety related)
2. Updated Porsche AG (Germany) systems and local Malaysian systems has to be included in any future campaigns that may arise.
3. Check the mileage readings (not only on the speedometer, also in the various control units), chassis, engine and transmission numbers for signs of tampering.
4. Check Porsche AG systems for “Write Off” or “Stolen” flags.

System Update
1.    Check vehicle electrical system conformity (matching chassis numbers etc.)
2.    Change coding of electrical control units to Malaysian specification.
3.    Remapping of engine management system to Malaysian Specification (model dependent)

1-year Warranty Activation
1.    Check and activate local warranty status
2.    Complete 111-point check of the entire vehicle. 
3.    Provide one year extended warranty coverage. (Separate terms and conditions apply)

24-hour Roadside Assistance

Provide 1-year Porsche Assistance (24-hour breakdown services)

1.    Complete a Major Maintenance (60,000km) according to manufacturer’s specification.
2.    Additional maintenance included with the following:         
i.      Pollyrib belt replace         
ii.     Spark plug replace         
iii.    Brake fluid change and brake bleed         
iv.    Replacement of fuel filter        
v.     Replacement of front and rear wipers

Car Detailing
1.    Wash and vacuum
2.    Engine Clean
3.    Tyre and Rim Clean and Shine
4.    Interior detailing

The amount time required to complete is approximately 4 days – 2 weeks (depending on the package selected). If additional work is required, finish time may vary depending on parts availability.

Adoption Package Terms and Conditions

The package is only applicable to vehicles legitimately parallel imported into Malaysia (“Parallel Import Vehicle”).

Such Parallel Import Vehicle shall be older than 1 year from its manufacturing date but not more than 9 years.

If the Parallel Import Vehicle is 9 years or older, different terms and conditions shall apply.

This package must be completed before any retail repair work commences on any Parallel Import Vehicle.

Package is not available for automotive dealers or vehicles registered outside Peninsular Malaysia.

The Malaysian registered owner must provide proof of ownership for longer than 6 months.

The Parallel Import Vehicle must be free of defects. Additional defects found during the course of the Adoption Package, must be rectified entirely at the owner’s expenses.

The full amount of the package must be paid before commencement of any work on the Parallel Import Vehicle. If additional repair work is required and the quote is rejected by the customer, a refund free of interest will be provided less RM1,000.00 (One Thousand Ringgit) which will be retained for inspection and administration costs and the customer shall have no claims whatsoever and/or howsoever against

Sime Darby Auto Performance Sdn. Bhd.

The Parallel Import Vehicle must be a Porsche standard production vehicle and the exceptions are the Carrera GT and motor sport vehicles.

The Parallel Import Vehicle must not be modified in any manner which is not approved by the manufacturer.

No unauthorized parts were installed in the Parallel Import Vehicle.

The Parallel Import Vehicle’s mileage must not exceed 200,000km or 125,000 miles.

Upon purchase of this package, the customer must undertake all future scheduled maintenance carried out by Sime Darby Auto Performance during the extended warranty period.

In case of any warranty repair work, separate warranty terms and conditions shall apply.

If the vehicle is still covered under the 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, an additional 1-year extended warranty will be added to the end of this 2- year manufacturer’s warranty.

For further information or to make an appointment, please call us at:

Porsche Centre Glenmarie +6(03) 5030 9911

Porsche Centre Sungai Besi +60(19) 657 9000