Club Sport Rules

The Porsche motor sport department has developed a blueprint for international Club sport regulations on the basis of existing Club sport regulations and internationally recognised motor sport laws.

It is based on the long-standing experience of the motor sport department and large Porsche Club umbrella organisations that are heavily involved in Club sport activities. This blueprint is a particularly useful aid if your Club is new to motor sport activities.

In addition, it can serve as a guideline if you need to adapt your existing regulations to meet current developments in the Porsche model range and international motor sport laws.

The draft has been carefully prepared however no liability is accepted for the accuracy and completeness of details or for any consequences arising from its use.

Draft Porsche Club Europe Regulations

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Essentially, only Porsche vehicles in accordance with the official type list may be used in Club Sport. In classes 1 (series GT vehicles with design approved for road use up to model year 1994) and 2 (series GT vehicles with design approved for road use – powerful vehicles from model year 1992), only original Porsche vehicles with the original vehicle ID number and approval for road use are entitled to compete. The vehicle ID number must correspond to the model as which the vehicle is to be classified.Below you will find a download of the type list with a breakdown of the chassis and vehicle ID numbers for all Porsche series, which you can use to determine which class (1 or 2) your vehicle is suitable for.

In the following classes, only vehicles with the original vehicle ID number assigned to the model as which the vehicle is declared are entitled to compete.

Class 3:
911 Cup vehicles (911 Cup, internal type 964, and 911 Carrera RS, internal type 964 model year 1994)

Class 4:
911 Cup vehicles (911 Cup 3.8, internal type 993)

Class 5:
911 GT3 Cup vehicles (911 Pirelli Supercup vehicles, internal type 996 model year 2000 and 2004)

Class 6 (open class: vehicles modified beyond what is permitted in the other classes and certain racing vehicles) is only open to vehicles that have an original vehicle ID number. This number is used to identify the vehicle basis to which the permitted changes relate.

(Series 911, 912, 924, 928, 944 and 968)

Chassis and vehicle ID

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