Porsche N-marking

Porsche N-marking

Porsche N-marked tyres

All tyres from your Porsche Centre are part of the Porsche custom tyre range. This range has been created by Porsche over many years in close collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers. Porsche works with the tyre manufacturers to jointly develop the ideal tyre type for each model to meet its special performance requirements. The fact that the tyres have been thoroughly tested and approved by Porsche is indicated by their N-marking (the letter stands for “Nürburgring” where the tyres are tested).

Following the N, a second letter indicates the model line. Further details can be found in each tyre’s technical data.

For example, the Porsche 992 tyre will be marked NA, indicating it is:
N – approved by Porsche
A – developed for the Porsche 992

Porsche N-marked tyres differ from others primarily in terms of geometry, rubber composition and testing methods. Testing covers three main areas:
1. Subjective outdoor criteria, such as handling and driving comfort
2. Objective outdoor criteria, such as braking performance and service life
3. Indoor criteria, such as rolling resistance and high-speed performance

During development, tyre geometry and rubber composition in particular are tailored to Porsche vehicles. Whether all-season, summer, winter or sport, Porsche N-marked tyres provide excellent driving stability and maximum driving pleasure. They also ensure your vehicle retains its original driving performance and safety margins, even after being fitted with a new tyre.