April - June

Leipzig plant builds 500,000th vehicle 29.06.2012
More power for the 911 Carrera S and new personalisation products 21.06.2012
New car buyers put the Porsche 911 in first place 20.06.2012
Porsche is main sponsor of the Hesse House in Tübingen 13.06.2012
Porsche inaugurates Autostadt Pavilion in Wolfsburg 12.06.2012
Porsche in overtaking lane on data highway 11.06.2012
Porsche Leipzig - Plant expansion 04.06.2012
Special exhibition pays tribute to Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche 02.06.2012
Porsche showcases new Cayenne GTS at the AMI 01.06.2012
Starting today, the Porsche Museum is presenting “60 years of Porsche Clubs” 25.05.2012
European premiere in Leipzig – the new Cayenne GTS at AMI 2012 24.05.2012
Porsche: every day sporty driving fun 16.05.2012
918 Spyder prototypes commence trials 15.05.2012
Porsche presents University of Applied Sciences of Western Saxony with Panamera S Hybrid 14.05.2012
The Porsche museum is sending its classic cars to the Mille Miglia 10.05.2012
Porsche 911 Carrera wins “red dot award: product design 2012” 04.05.2012
A Saxon success story 03.05.2012
Porsche AG boosts revenue in first quarter of 2012 by 32.4 per cent 03.05.2012
Anatole Lapine is dead 02.05.2012
Efficient drive systems at Porsche 25.04.2012
“60 Years of Porsche Clubs” 26.04.2012
Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra honours Pope Benedict XVI 18.04.2012
Cayenne GTS set to celebrate its world premiere at Auto China in Beijing 17.04.2012
Porsche is the best German car brand for service 16.04.2012
Sitting like in an SUV, driving like in a sports car: the Cayenne GTS 10.04.2012
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche dies 05.04.2012
Porsche 911 declared “2012 World Performance Car” 05.04.2012
Porsche increases customer deliveries in March by 21 per cent 05.04.2012