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Porsche Award winners come from Baden-Württemberg and DenmarkPrize giving for best student advertising films in the world

Stuttgart. Yesterday evening in the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy was the eighth such occasion on which students were honoured with the “Porsche Award” for their contributions. Since 2004, Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, has been the principal and title sponsor of the annual competition for the “Porsche International Advertising Film Prize for Young Talent”.

The prestigious international specialist jury gave pride of place to the advert "Exorcist” by Andreas Roth of the Baden-Württemberg film academy. The jurors awarded second place to Hanna Maria Heidrich, also of the Baden-Württemberg film academy, for her spot “We Miss You”. Third place was claimed by Christian Mielmann, Baden-Württemberg film academy, for his entry “What Ever Happened”. The special prize went to Adam Wallensten of The National Film School of Denmark for the best foreign advert “A Little Less Gravity”. In addition to overall artistic performance, the jury rated the interaction of concept, script, production and camera work.


As in previous years, the three winners were awarded cash prizes of 3,911 euro, 2,911 euro and 1,911 euro – a reference to the classic “Porsche 911” sports car. The special prize was rewarded with 911 euro. The four top-ranked winners received a trophy in the form of a catapult in gold, silver, bronze and natural stone. It is intended to symbolise that up and coming film talent can break into the advertising professionals’ world with creative ideas and commitment to match.

Stefan Büscher, Head of Marketing Communications at Porsche AG, said to the ten shortlisted candidates: “One of the most important topics of our age is identity. Whether a sports car manufacturer or a film maker – we all need a distinctive appearance, a distinguishing mark, a personal handwriting style. Fortunately, you as very individual, up and coming film makers see things in precisely the same way. Your creative contributions are the best possible proof of that.”

This year’s competition attracted a total of 82 projects submissions from film, design and art students. Of these the jury preselected the following “Top Ten” for the shortlist:

1. Ian Kammer – “Hibernation” – Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, USA
2. Adam Wallensten – “A Little Less Gravity” – The National Film School of Denmark
3. Amnon Picker – “2010 Tausff Trailer” – Tel Aviv University, Israel
4. Job Kraaijeveld – “Ilse Listens” – The Netherlands Film and Television Academy

1. Hanna Maria Heidrich – “We Miss You“ – Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
2. Christian Mielmann – “What Ever Happened” – Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
3. Andreas Roth – “Exorcist” – Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
4. Stephan Hilpert – “A World Without Electricity“ – Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München (University of Television and Film, Munich)
5. Justus Becker – “An Ode To Women“ – Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
6. Roman Kaelin, Falko Paeper, Florian Wittmann – “a.Maize“ – Baden-Württemberg Film Academy


Note:Images of the event can be obtained by accredited journalists from the Porsche press database at the Internet address: http://presse.porsche.de/.


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