July - September

Porsche Academy opens the "Model Factory" at the Leipzig plant 29.09.2009
Porsche “Moments” for the bookshelf 24.09.2009
Anniversary Products for the 100th Birthday of Ferry Porsche 17.09.2009
Panamera available for Avis Customers 15.09.2009
The Porsche Museum organising a Painting Contest for Children 11.09.2009
Lightweight Components for Individual Retrofitting on the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS 10.09.2009
On September 12, the start flag will signal the launch of Porsche Panamera sales 09.09.2009
Large Special Exhibition at the Porsche Museum 04.09.2009
The 911 Sport Classic – Exclusive for 250 Fans of the 911 02.09.2009
Porsche Cayman Acknowledged as “Best Driver's Car” and “Best Sports Car” 31.08.2009
New Edition of the World´s Most Successful Racing Car 26.08.2009
Twenty-Inch 911 Turbo II Wheels for the Panamera 25.08.2009
The Most Sporting Road-Going 911 19.08.2009
The Porsche Museum extends the range of products in its shop 10.08.2009
Intelligent Power: Consumption Down Significantly, Performance Up Once Again 07.08.2009
Wide Range of Customisation Options for the Porsche Panamera 04.08.2009
Macht appointed Chairman of the Board of Management for Porsche AG, Edig his deputy – both also Members of the Board of Management of Porsche SE 23.07.2009
Porsche is the most attractive and liked brand in the USA 17.07.2009
Nostalgia at Nürburgring 15.07.2009
Porsche Cayenne Diesel voted “Company Car of the Year“ 14.07.2009
Robby Naish rides the Panamera wave 10.07.2009
Panamera launch in the growth markets under new management 02.07.2009