October - December

Porsche backs Schnellecke Meeting in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Stuttgart. The allegations targeting the Wolfsburg corporate group Schnellecke that were voiced in a magazine article on Schnellecke temporary employees at the Porsche plant in Leipzig, were refuted by the accused companies. In a meeting to clarify the situation with Rolf Schnellecke, the mayor of the city of Wolfsburg, and also shareholder of the company, the Chairman of the Board of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking and the Chairman of the Group’s Work Council, Uwe Hück, managed to resolve the misunderstanding.

Wiedeking declared that the corporate group Schnellecke enjoys a good reputation with Porsche and is a reliable partner. He further stated that the confidence in the Wolfsburg logistics company remains intact, for which reason, Porsche is distancing itself from the public discredit targeting the shareholder and mayor Schnellecke. It goes without saying that all contracts will be honored. It is also not in the interests of Porsche that the Schnellecke company should end up being discredited in the eyes of other automobile manufacturers as a result of these public allegations.

The Wolfsburg mayor offered Wiedeking an invitation to Porsche’s Board of Directors and its Supervisory Board to visit his city in order to underline, on the spot, the historical links between Porsche and Volkswagen. “We will do everything to strengthen the confidence of the people of Wolfsburg and its region in Porsche,” explained Wiedeking. The association of Porsche and Volkswagen will only be successful if it is implemented by both our employees and by the city.