October - December

Porsche and Schnellecke disperse misunderstandingsMeeting in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Stuttgart. Rolf Schnellecke, the Lord Mayor of Wolfsburg, and a Partner
of the Schnellecke Group of Companies as well as Nikolaus Külps, member of the Board of Directors, yesterday met Michael Macht, Production and Logistics Board of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG as well as Uwe Huck, the Chairman of the Group Works Council, for discussions in.

Macht emphasized that Porsche had not initiated the magazine report in question. Hence it could certainly not have been the intention of the Company to damage the standing of the Schnellecke company. Schnellecke Leipzig GmbH has since 2001 been providing logistics services for the Leipzig Porsche Works to the fullest satisfaction of the sports car manufacturer. Macht categorically refuted the imputed allegation expressed in the magazine report aimed at discrediting Rolf Schnellecke as Lord Mayor of the City of Wolfsburg.

Both sides expressly welcomed the constructive and good atmosphere of the meeting. Uwe Hück and the representatives of Schnellecke announced further discussions also with the workforce in Leipzig and in respect to future collaboration.