April - June

Porsche helps young people from underprivileged social groupsEducation has commenced in the new Training and Recruitment Center Asia

Stuttgart. Porsche Asia Pacific, a one hundred percent subsidiary of
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, has founded the first Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia in the Philippines, in cooperation with the Don Bosco Technical Institute. Every year, 40 socially under-
privileged young people will receive vocational training here as automotive specialists, who can be employed in future in Porsche Centers throughout the Asiatic region.

The Don Bosco Technical Institute is dedicated to helping children and young people from socially underprivileged groups throughout the world. Among other activities, the organization offers motivated young persons a basic technical training, in order to give them access to a regular working life. It is precisely to these young people that Porsche Asia Pacific has decided to offer further assistance after their basic training, enabling them to gain a further qualification within six months at the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia. In cooperation with the Philippine Porsche Importer, PGA Cars, the first 16 Don Bosco qualifiers are now receiving special training which will give them a qualification as auto mechanics and auto electricians.

“With the Don Bosco Institute and our importer, we have secured professional partners who will ensure the young people get training that meets our high demands. By committing ourselves to this scheme, we are ensuring that the Porsche trade organization will have enough technical specialists available in the growth markets,” says Klaus Berning, Porsche board member with responsibility for sales and marketing.