October - December

Stuttgart Bishop Dr. Gebhard Fürst visits Porsche in ZuffenhausenTalks with the Board of Management, Works Council and Employees of the Car Company

Stuttgart. Today Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, welcomed a high-ranking visitor, the Bishop of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese,
Dr. Gebhard Fürst. Together with other representatives of the catholic and protestant churches, Dr. Fürst paid a visit to the main plant of the sports car manufacturer in Zuffenhausen. Fifty-eight-year-old Dr. Fürst discussed matters of interest with Thomas Edig, Porsche’s Executive Vice-President Human Relations as well as the Chairman of the Group Works Council, Uwe Hück, focusing on the future in general and the issue of job security at Porsche.

During his tour of the assembly area, Dr. Fürst not only received information on the production processes, but also sought personal talks himself with employees on the production line.

“An employee who feels he is appreciated by his employer will be happy to support the company“, said Bishop Fürst. This appreciation, he added, should be shown not only through financial rewards, but also in the relationships between superiors and employees lived out day by day. In this context the managers and executives of a company have a particularly high standard of responsibility, added the Bishop. Porsche Board Member Thomas Edig, in turn, stated that “ethical standards are essential in our day-to-day relationships. And precisely here the major churches in Germany make a significant contribution. However, business and industry cannot rely on this alone, but also have to live out values such as solidarity and common interests in our society.“