July - September

Porsche Upholds Sporting ChallengeGreenpeace: “Paying a Visit to the King of Climate Pigs”

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, has maintained a calm and collected attitude even after Greenpeace retaliated to the surprising “counter-demonstration” on the environmental activists’ “climate pig protest“ outside of the company’s gates in Zuffenhausen. “We discussed matters with the representatives of Greenpeace right there on the spot and we remain open to dialogue”, stated Porsche’s Director of Corporate Communications Anton Hunger in response to the environmentalists’ statements on their website, adding that Greenpeace was obviously seeking first and foremost to stigmatise Porsche by referring to the company as the “King of Climate Pigs” in response to Porsche’s sporting and well-meant counter-reaction. Porsche, he repeated, could hardly be seen as the “enemy” in the current climate debate, considering Porsche’s relatively low production figures.

Porsche’s “counter-demonstration“ in response to the campaign organised by Greenpeace hit the headlines throughout Germany, evoking a positive reaction almost everywhere. The large banners displayed on the occasion by Porsche, with statements such as “Done It at Last: Greenpeace Demonstrates at Porsche. Now We Are Really Somebody“ were acknowledged as a “homourous“ answers to the “climate pig” accusations. At no point and in no way did Porsche query the serious efforts made by Greenpeace to continue their efforts for the environment and take the climate debate seriously. Indeed, it was acknowledged that Porsche, developing a hybrid power unit with extremely low fuel consumption and emissions, was definitely seeking to protect the environment with clear commitment.

Despite the radical accusations by Greenpeace, Porsche saw the demonstration in a spirit of mutual respect. When, following the demonstration, the pink Cayenne driven by the environmental activists failed to start for the return trip to Munich on account of its flat battery, Porsche mechanics repaired the vehicle and served the activists coffee, pointing out that through their activities they were insulting pigs as an intelligent species and were setting a bad image for the creatures of God under the sky of the Almighty.


Note: Images on Porsche’s poster campaign are available to accredited journalists in Porsche’s press database for downloading at the internet address http://presse.porsche.de/.