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The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix celebrates its 30th anniversaryChristmas bonus: advance ticket sales for 2007 have begun

Stuttgart. The first ladies' tournament in the Porsche Arena was a complete success. In total, more than 35,000 visitors saw the premiere of Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in the new hall. Next year, from September 29 to October 7, there will be a very special reason for celebration: It will mark the 30th anniversary of the ladies' tournament sponsored by
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart. Visitors can expect to see a lot of surprises.

The new Grand Prix concept, which has been a proven success since its debut, is ideally suited for the anniversary event. Not only will there be world class ladies' tennis, but there will also be an event for the whole family. This year, the tournament was book-ended by spectacular opening and closing ceremonies. Big and small spectators alike were enchanted by artists, dances and drummers from Europa-Park in Rust.

Between matches, guests were given the opportunity to visit the
Sport & Lifestyle Village in the neighboring Schleyer Hall and watch their favorite tennis stars warming up. Around the training court, exclusive manufacturers offered sports equipment, accessories and clothing. Daily autograph sessions by the players were just as much a part of the program as the fan festival attended by more than 1,000 children.

"The hall was completely sold out on the first day of qualifiers. It's fantastic that the guests took up our offer so well," smiles tournament director Markus Günthardt. WTA president Stacey Allaster also enthused of the tournament in the new Porsche Arena: "The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix is currently the most innovative and spectacular tournament on the tour."

Tomorrow, Easy Ticket Service is opening official advance sales for the anniversary event. Despite the rise in VAT, the prices have not been changed. Also, those ordering before December 23 will receive a 10% discount on all reservations.

This year, tickets for Family Day (October 3, 2007) can be bought in advance for the first time. An adult can attend the tournament with two children up to the age of 14 free of charge. To find out more about the various special offer days and tickets, just call (+49 (0) 711/2 555 555) or go to www.easyticket.de.

Admission prices for the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2007

Saturday, 29.09.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 5,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 5,00 €

Sunday, 30.09.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 5,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 5,00 €

Monday, 01.10.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 35,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 30,00 €

Tuesday, 02.10.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 40,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 35,00 €

Wednesday, 03.10.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 50,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 45,00 €

Thursday, 04.10.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 60,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 55,00 €

Friday, 05.10.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 75,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 65,00 €

Saturday, 06.10.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 75,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 65,00 €

Sunday, 07.10.2007:
Price cat.1/Ticket: 66,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 60,00 €

Saturday, 29.09. – Sunday, 7.10.2007:
Tournament Ticket
Price cat.1/Ticket: 326,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 290,00 €

Special Offers

Tuesday, 2.10.2007:
Ladies' Day
Price cat.1/Ticket: 25,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 25,00 €

Wednesday, 3.10.2007
Family Day
Price cat.1/Ticket: 50,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 45,00 €
Up to 2 children free (up to 14 years old)

Saturday, 6.10. + Sunday, 7.10.2007
Cayman S“ package
Price cat.1/Ticket: 120,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 99,00 €
(Per person, limited amounts)

Saturday, 6.10. or Sunday, 7.10.2007
Cayenne“ package
Price cat.1/Ticket: 170,00 €
Price cat.2/Ticket: 120,00 €
(2 adults + up to 2 children, all other children 8 € Euro. limited amounts)

All prices include 16% VAT (19% from January 1, 2007). Tickets can also be used as travel passes for all VVS lines.