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Fascinating Porsche Pictures – Every DayThree Sports Car Calendars for 2006

Stuttgart. As in the previous year, the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, based in Stuttgart, once again offers an attractive range of calendars for next year. There is a choice of three large-format decorative wall calendars, each one focussing on a different subject.

The official Porsche calendar has as its motto ‘Welcome to the world’ and shows the current models on twelve different sites in Germany that bear resemblance to places and buildings of other countries: The Sächsische Schweiz, for instance, boasts a region stunningly resembling the mountain forests of Japan, while buildings on stilts at Lake Constance remind one of Polynesia; last but not least, the Valhalla near Regensburg is compared to the Acropolis of Greece. The calendar measures 59 x 55.5cm and is traditionally offered with a collector’s coin; it is available for € 33.64, VAT included.

The ‘Passion reloaded’ calendar was created by sports car designers working at the Porsche engineering centre in Weissach and offers an insight into their creative work. The attractive drawings that were taken from the styling studio depict Porsche Cayman sketches next to vintage mid-engine cars. The calendar measures 50 x 70cm and is accompanied by a CD-Rom with screen saver and a brief film that explains how the drawings were made. It costs €54.52, VAT included.

Sporting the title ‘Porsche Cosmos 2006’, the 2006 vintage calendar offers an interesting glimpse of the future Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. It is based on the museum’s contents and concept and reflects the various subjects with its impressive historical and modern photographs, thus gracefully linking the past with the present and future. The vintage calendar measures 42 x 60cm; it is separated in the middle by a vertical spiral coil. Inserted in the accompanying slipcase the ‘Porsche Cosmos 2006’ becomes an illustrated collector’s book that will outlive the year 2006. It is yours for € 33.64, VAT included.

The three calendars can be ordered from Porsche as of now, either by phone calling 0180-5356911 (direct dialling) or online at the Driver's Selection Online Shop. They are also available from all Porsche Centres.