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Winners awarded the "Porsche David 2005" todayThe sports car manufacturer continues its engagement in the world's best advertising film students

Stuttgart. The "Porsche International Student Advertising Film Competition" will be officially presented today for the second year running at the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg. Not only does this enable Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, to continue its engagement in young advertising film students from all over the world, but it also allows the company to develop its long-standing cooperation with the local Filmakademie.

After the success of the competition when it was held for the first time last year, students – this time not only from film schools but also from design and art colleges – were once again invited to take part in the 2005 round. With a total of 94 entries from 13 nations – 61 from nine nations in the previous year – the response had increased substantially.

Following their preselection, an international, specialist jury again chose the ten best advertisements and their young filmmakers for the final – this time they come from Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia. The entries from Austria, Poland, China, Nigeria, and Singapore just missed out.

The first three places and a fourth for particularly original achievement will be established today and announced in an official ceremony at 7.30 p.m. in studio 2 at the Filmakademie. Entries were judged on ideas, script, direction, and camera work. The winners each receive a "David" in recognition of their achievement and prizes of €3,911 Euro, €2,911 Euro, and €1,911 Euro, the respective amounts being a reference and tribute to the classic "Porsche 911" sports car. The fourth prizewinner will be invited by Porsche to visit a European film trade fair in the fall.

As the smallest independent automotive manufacturer in the world, Porsche wants to use the "David" trophy in the form of a slingshot in gold, silver, bronze, and natural stone to convey its philosophy to young film students – that you can also successfully compete as a proverbial David against the Goliaths of this world when equipped with the right qualities.

"The young, talented filmmakers of this final round are all winners to us because they have accepted the challenge of this competition. They have competed with courage, strength, and enthusiasm for their own work. This in itself is a remarkable and respectable achievement," said Gerd Mäuser, Head of Marketing at the Stuttgart-based automotive company.

The following advertisements were nominated for the final round:

1) Timeless (ck watches), Director: Linus Ewers, Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg

2) Jump (AOL), Director: Patrik Gölz, Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg

3) Grandma (Ikea), Director: Philip Haucke, Munich Academy for Television and Film

4) Zero One Plus Zero Three (01+03), Director: Roman Kazakov, St. Petersburg State University of Film and TV

5) Change your Reality (Mpio), Director: Tobias Dreyer, Karsten Friemel, Martin Schock, Hannes Weniger, Georg-Simon-Ohm, FH Nuremberg

6) XBox – Racing Beats, Director: Alex Kiesl, Steffen Hacker, Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg

7) Krossmedia, Director: Owi Mahn, Laura Baginski, Academy of Art and Design Offenbach

8) Kindergarden (Hornbach), Director: Ayako Yoko, Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg

9) The Package, Director: Joris Kerbosch, The Netherlands Film and Television Academy

10) The Garden, Director: Minke Faber, Danyael Sugawara, The Netherlands Film and Television Academy