October - December

Porsche checking Cabriolet roofPrevious version of the 911 Carrera

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, is checking the roof mechanism worldwide on 18,165 units of the 993-series 911 Cabriolet built in the period from 11 August 1993 – 26 January 1998. This involves 8,252 cars in Europe (6,003 in Germany) and 8,952 cars in the USA. The reason for this inspection is the possibility of the soft top opening inadvertently at high speeds. No accidents or cases of bodily injury attributable to this malfunction have been reported so far.

On a car involving this complaint, Porsche initially assumed that the problem was due to faulty maintenance, since no damage of this kind had been observed before in Porsche's ongoing supervision of products and quality. When two further cases became known in Germany, however, a crack was found in the drive gear of the roof locking motor. Porsche then decided to check all models of this type for reasons of safety, not only inspecting the alignment of the roof and the correct position of the roof attachment pins, but also replacing the two roof locking motors serving to firmly fasten the soft top above the windscreen frame. The new electric motors feature a stronger, reinforced drive gear locking the roof in position, and new sensors provide a safe and reliable warning signal in the instrument cluster whenever the roof is not properly closed when setting out.