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Safety Boxster

Porsche Boxster - Braking system

Braking system

Performance is reflected in excellent acceleration values. And we take account of both positive and negative acceleration. Which is why Porsche also traditionally sets standards for stopping power and stability. Braking power is a multiple of engine power.

The Boxster models are equipped with...

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Porsche Boxster - Lights


Lights will always be an essential safety feature, but we go one step further by using them as part of an extraordinary styling concept.

Clear glass halogen headlights are fitted as standard on the Boxster. The Boxster S is equipped as standard with Bi-Xenon headlights while the Boxster GTS has...

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Porsche Boxster - Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

Porsche Stability Management (PSM)

Porsche Stability Management (PSM) is fitted as standard. This system automatically maintains stability, even at the limits of dynamic driving performance. Sensors continuously monitor the speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration of the car. Using this information, PSM is able to calculate the...

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Porsche Boxster - Airbags


To protect the driver and passenger, the Boxster models are equipped with full-size airbags, which are inflated in two stages depending on the severity and type of accident (e.g. frontal or offset frontal). In less serious accidents, the airbags are only partially inflated, thereby minimising...

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Porsche Boxster - Roll-over protection

Roll-over protection

Dual roll-over protection creates survival space in the event of a roll-over or side impact. The front roll-over protection element is made from super and ultra high-strength steels. The rear roll-over bars located behind the seats are a composite construction of aluminium and steel. They are fully...

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Porsche Boxster - Engineered body design

Engineered body design

The bodyshell of the Boxster models is based on an intelligent lightweight body in aluminium and steel composite. The use of dissimilar but precisely combined components makes it possible to utilise specific material properties exactly where they are needed. Not only does this provide a high degree...

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Porsche Boxster - Anti-theft protection

Anti-theft protection

The Boxster models are equipped as standard with an immobiliser with in-key transponder. The Boxster S and Boxster GTS have an alarm system with contact-sensitive exterior protection. A radar-based interior surveillance system is available to protect the interior of the vehicle. A combined alarm...

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