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Ordering Your New Porsche
Ordering Your New Porsche
Ordering Your New Porsche
Ordering Your New Porsche
Ordering Your New Porsche


Any resident of the United States can take advantage of the Porsche Experience Center Delivery Program in Atlanta and Los Angeles*, provided they place a vehicle order with, and purchase that vehicle from an authorized Porsche Dealer. The PEC Delivery Program is available for all customers with a factory specified Porsche order. Customers are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including flight and hotel costs.


The Porsche Experience Center Delivery program involves a few basic steps:

  1. Place an order with any authorized Porsche dealer in North America.
  2. Choose the model, options, and the Porsche Experience Center Delivery option (ZGA or ZLA*).
    Please note that with the announcement of Model Year 2024 (MY24), the fee for the the Porsche Experience Center Delivery program will be as follows:
    Macan and Cayenne models - $1000
    All other models - $2000.
  3. To ensure that you receive the exact Porsche you want on the delivery date you specify, place your order at least 12 weeks prior to delivery. Your dealer may still be able to find you a car in less than 12 weeks, but your selection may be limited by production availability. Delivery dates for “special orders” involving custom or non-standard colors and interiors are subject to material availability. Please check with your dealer.
  4. To confirm the order, complete the Porsche Experience Center Delivery Vehicle Order & Agreement with your dealer, and return it to The order is subject to confirmation by Porsche Cars North America, Inc. The order form must be typed and signed by the customer taking delivery of the vehicle when submitted.
  5. Upon review of the Order Form, the PEC Delivery Coordinator will reach out to the customer and dealer with a Welcome email detailing more of the program and offering a delivery window for the vehicle. Deliveries are scheduled by appointment only, customers should not make travel plans until their delivery date is confirmed by the PEC Delivery Coordinator. Appointments are offered only once the vehicle is on vessel.

Make sure you read and understand all of the conditions printed on the Porsche Experience Center Delivery Vehicle Order & Agreement. If you have any difficulty in ordering PEC Delivery, please do not hesitate to call your dealership or you may email with any additional questions.


Payment must be made to your authorized Porsche dealer. Full payment includes the purchase price of the vehicle that was negotiated with your dealer. Vehicles that are paid for through Porsche Finance or a lease program are eligible for PEC Delivery.

Delivery Cancellation

A cancellation fee will be applied to orders once they are within 2 weeks of the delivery date. This will be in addition to the cost of transporting the vehicle to the purchasing dealer.

*Non- California customers should consult with their dealership about specific procedures for non-California customers taking Delivery at the PEC LA.