CopyText This government mandated testing for all manufacturers involves the inspection and testing of your vehicle’s powertrain and emission-related components.

Procurement/Vehicle Exchange of vehicles occur in California, Colorado, and Michigan. Once vehicles are procured, they are safely and securely transported to the local contracted labs. The labs are located in Oxnard, CA, Aurora, CO, and Plymouth, MI.
Exhaust Testing Exhaust testing allows us to monitor emissions produced as a result of specific driving conditions. We place your vehicle on dynamometer (vehicle treadmill), connect a special hose to the exhaust, and monitor the following scenarios. The Porsche Loyalty voucher will be emailed to you when your vehicle is returned after testing. The information from IUVP testing is provided to the EPA and CARB. The results are used to confirm vehicle emissions are performing as expected If you are interested in purchasing a loaner vehicle, we can provide contacts for purchasing vehicles. We will remain in contact with you through the entire process. If you have additional questions, please reach out to the contact on your reply card or email at On average, standard (City, Highway, and Supplemental FTP) takes about 2-3 weeks. Standard plus evaporative testing (2-Day SHED and ORVR) takes about 4-5 weeks.