Porsche Destination Charging - New times. New possibilities.
Porsche Destination Charging
New times. New possibilities.
Porsche Destintation Charging

At Porsche, we have been working for decades to turn dreams into goals, to make driving an experience and to bring the future into the present. And now, on the eve of the era of electric sports cars, we're combining sportiness and cutting-edge technology with a new concept: Porsche Destination Charging.

Porsche is going electric.
So are our mutual customers.

This is our partnership proposal:
  • We provide charging hardware that is compatible with all vehicles that use a J1772 plug
  • We provide charging hardware support and maintenance guidance and warranty of our equipment
  • Promote your business in our vehicle navigation system and on Porsche.com
  • The Porsche reputation
These are your benefits:
  • Increase the visibility of your destination
  • Attract electric vehicle drivers
  • Increase access to Porsche customers
  • Highlight your company's commitment to future sustainability efforts
  • Increase the value of your establishment
These are your contributions:
  • Sufficient parking space for ease of use
  • Installation of charging hardware
  • Free of charge for Porsche customers
  • Maintain cleanliness of area and routine inspection of equipment
And as for the hardware…
Porsche provides the necessary hardware:
  • 19.2 kW charging output
  • 15 feet of cable
  • Compatible with all vehicles that use a J1772 plug
  • Please note that customers value the availability of different charging options
  • Similarly, the lack of charging options negatively influences the customer's choice of location
  • An accessible and compatible charger with all vehicles means a greater attractiveness of your business
  • Consider expanding your existing infrastructure or installing your first charging stations

As easy as following these steps:

1. Application for participation
Complete the registration form to participate in the Porsche Destination Charging network. On the form, select the "Charging" category and "Destination Charging" sub-category to ensure your application routes to the correct team.

2. Verification
At Porsche, we'll check that your establishment meets all the requirements for becoming a Porsche Destination Charging

3. Collaboration agreement
We will mutually sign an agreement that includes the basic conditions of the program.

4. Delivery of charges
At Porsche we will send you chargers (depending on your choice) and your establishment will confirm their reception and installation.

5. Communication to clients
We will inform our customers of the availability of the new Porsche Destination Charging point in their establishment, both on our website and in our navigation systems.