Porsche Roadside Assistance Porsche Cars North America provides complimentary coverage under the Porsche Roadside Assistance program for the duration of your New Car Limited Warranty or Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty period.

Our team of trained and qualified Roadside Assistance professionals are available 365 days a year to assist in determining the best service option for your situation. Roadside Assistance, teamed with its comprehensive nationwide towing network, brings you world-class assistance, anywhere in the United States.

Please call 1-800-PORSCHE (1-800-767-7243) to request 24/7 Roadside Assistance.

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Services If a mechanical problem is suspected, your car will be towed to the nearest authorized Porsche dealership as noted in the previously mentioned towing parameters located under Emergency Towing.

In situations where no mechanical problem is detected and the vehicle is out of charge, we will work with you to find a convenient charging location and have your vehicle towed within a 50 mile radius.

Note: Out of Charge service is limited to five times per year.

The Porsche Roadside Assistance professionals will help you determine the best servicing choice for your needs.

Should the tire event occur in excess of 100 miles from the nearest authorized Porsche dealership, the Porsche Roadside Assistance professionals are equipped to assist you in purchasing the correct replacement tire so that  your vehicle could be transported to a preferred tire installer in your area. Costs associated with the tire will be your responsibility; however, Porsche Roadside Assistance will cover expenses related to the tow.

If your Porsche won’t start due to a weak battery,  Porsche Roadside Assistance will send an authorized service provider to “jump start” your vehicle. If your vehicle is not driven on a daily basis or has not been started for more than six weeks, the battery may need to be replaced. This may not be covered by Porsche’s limited warranty. Porsche Roadside Assistance can arrange transportation to an authorized Porsche dealer for battery service, at your expense. If the dealer determines that the battery failed due to a warrantable issue, your tow expenses will be reimbursed by the authorized Porsche dealer. Please remember that proper maintenance of the battery includes operating the vehicle on a regular basis to keep the battery charged and/or utilizing a Porsche Battery Charger/Maintainer.

Please see your owner’s manual for details about Porsche Roadside Assistance.

Should the key to your vehicle become locked inside, a qualified service provider will be dispatched to gain access to your vehicle.
Service will be provided to extract your Porsche from mud, sand, snow or a ditch.
Should your key become lost or stolen, lock-out service can still be provided but every attempt should be made to obtain your spare key to avoid repair costs that are not covered by Porsche Roadside Assistance. Consult your authorized Porsche dealership for more information.
If you happen to run out of fuel, Porsche Roadside Assistance will provide enough fuel to get you to the nearest gas station.

Note: Emergency fuel delivery service is limited to five times per year.