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Parts and partners you can trust

You trust your Porsche absolutely to provide reliable, safe, sports car performance, journey after journey, year after year. To help ensure that’s what you can enjoy, we manufacture parts you can trust, and select partners who do the same. Porsche Genuine Parts are designed and engineered by the people who know and understand Porsche better than anyone: that’s us, of course. That means they fit perfectly, integrate seamlessly with all other components, and continue to offer performance you can rely on. For items such as tires and oil, we work with trusted partners to develop products specifically for our vehicles, produced to the usual Porsche high standards, and delivering the performance, reliability, safety and driving pleasure you expect.

Original Porsche Brakes

Stepping on the brake pedal of your Porsche is just as much a high-performance experi- ence as stepping on the accelerator. It’s all part of the sports car performance that combines speed and control, power and safety. Made from high-quality materials, Original Porsche Brakes are precisely adapted to the engine output and suspension design of the relevant model, and tested to the extreme for maximum braking capability and minimum wear.

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The tires of your Porsche are all part of its high-performance design. They transfer the sports car power of the engine to the road. They make sure it grips the road safely. And they give you complete control for steering, braking and maneuvering. That’s why choosing the right tires for your Porsche is so crucial to performance and safety.

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Engine Oils

Engine oil plays an essential role in operating and maintaining the engine. In fact, a true high-performance oil is a key component of your Porsche and should be carefully selected to suit the model. Protection, heat dissipation and cleaning are all far too important to be left to any ordinary oil.

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Porsche Genuine Parts

For true Porsche high-performance, every part has to work with every other, seamlessly and perfectly. That’s why Porsche engineers apply the same precision and passion to developing even the smallest components, as they do for the whole vehicle. It’s also why you should always choose Porsche Genuine Parts whenever a part needs replacing.

Accurate fitting, longer parts life and less wear help to maintain not only the optimum performance of your Porsche, but also its value.

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