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Dent Protection

Dent Protection

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Besides being unsightly, dents can greatly reduce the resale or trade-in value of your vehicle. Good thing maintaining the value and beauty of your vehicle is easy with Porsche Dent Protection, a convenient way to remove door dings and minor dents without repainting.
Available on new, pre-owned, and Certified Pre-Owned Porsche vehicles at the time of vehicle purchase or lease only.

Coverage information:

  • Repairs dents and dings that can appear on your vehicle through everyday use
  • Dents and dings must be no larger than four (4) inches in diameter and be within an accessible area located on a body panel of your vehicle
  • Removes door dings and minor dents without harming your vehicle’s factory finish
  • Transferable for a $50 fee if you sell your vehicle to a private party¹
  • Covers cost for hail damage repair up to the lesser of your primary insurance deductible (if a claim was filed) or $1,000 per incident.³

Convenient protection:

With your convenience in mind, repairs can be performed at any participating authorized Porsche dealer, your home, or your work.

Comprehensive coverage:

  • No limit on occurrences or claim benefits
  • No limit on the number of service calls
  • No mileage limitations
  • No deductible

Coverage exclusions may apply:²

  • Dents or dings that are larger than four (4) inches in diameter
  • Dents or dings that cannot be repaired by the paintless dent repair process
  • Repairs that will affect or damage the vehicle’s paint or finish
  • Dents or dings that have broken the paint or punctured the vehicle’s metal
  • Coverage is limited to vehicles with steel or aluminum body panels

The optional Porsche Dent Protection is available for purchase as a stand-alone product, or with a Porsche Multi-Coverage Protection package.

¹ Product Agreement is transferable within 30 days of the covered vehicle resale or lease assumption.
² Additional exclusions may apply. Please see your Agreement for specific coverage details, including limitations and a complete list of exclusions.
³ Hail damage coverage is not available in all states; see your product agreement for specific coverage details.

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