Porsche Approved Warranty for 911 (993) models

Porsche Approved Warranty for 911 (993) models

Who would have thought you could get a Porsche Approved Warranty for a classic car like the 993?
Porsche Classic would.

The Porsche Approved Warranty for 911 (993) models is made possible thanks to our commitment to producing over 52,000 Porsche Classic Genuine Parts to help keep a classic Porsche where it should be - on the road.

Offering a comparable level of cover to the Porsche New Car Manufacturer Guarantee, the Porsche Approved Warranty for 911 (993) is an insurance policy which covers the cost of repair or replacement of Porsche Genuine Parts at a Porsche Centre, if they are found to have a manufacturing defect.

To be eligible to purchase the Porsche Approved Warranty for 911 (993) models*, your Porsche must:

  • must be a 993 generation 911
  • have a mileage of less than 125,000 miles at point of policy activation
  • have undergone a 111-point vehicle condition check carried out at a Porsche Centre/Service Centre (this may be charged for)

* Excludes 911 (993) GT2 and RS models

Please contact your Porsche Centre for full terms and conditions.

What does the Porsche Approved Warranty offer?

The Porsche Approved Warranty for 911 (993 models) offers:

  • Worldwide cover
  • No excess to pay
  • No mileage limit during the warranty period
  • Use of Porsche Genuine Parts for all repairs

The Policy does not cover:

(1) parts which require repair or replacement due to wear and tear or external/outside influences;

(2) optical and acoustic defects with no impact upon functionality;

(3) the vehicle’s roller blind and amplifier control system;

(4) vehicle defects to the extent that they have arisen from:

  • improper use, treatment or overstraining of the vehicle, or use of the vehicle in speed-timed events or competitive motorsport events or for commercial purposes; or
  • the vehicle being repaired, maintained, serviced or modified in a way other than in accordance with the Manufacturer’s guidelines/standards or by a third party who is not an authorised Porsche Centre/Service Centre;
  • use of non-Porsche Genuine Parts
  • failure to report the defect in a timely manner or provide an opportunity for a Porsche Centre/ Service Centre to remedy the defect within a reasonable period of time; or
  • outstanding service (workshop) or recall campaigns published by the Manufacturer, Porsche Centre/Service Centre.

For a full list of the exclusions, please request a copy of the terms and conditions of the Porsche Approved Warranty 911 (Type 993) Policy from your Porsche Classic Partner or Porsche (Service) Centre.