Join us on our way towards a more sustainable future: By offsetting your CO₂ emissions and funding a certified project.
Sustainability is a central corporate goal at Porsche. We therefore avoid and reduce CO₂ along the entire value chain. We voluntarily compensate for unavoidable emissions. These include emissions from the Porsche company fleet.

But with your help we can all achieve a lot more. To join us on this mission towards a reduced impact already today, you can offset your emissions right here and choose between four different compensation projects that will be funded by your voluntary contribution.
Total CO₂ tons offset by Porsche Impact

Emissions Estimator

In order to estimate your vehicle's CO₂ emissions, please state the individual consumption of your vehicle and your estimated mileage. Based on that information the emitted tons of CO₂ and the respective offsetting value are estimated.
Miles to be offset (e.g. yearly mileage)
Consumption (MPG)
Fuel type
Tons of CO₂
Project Selection
Saving forests, protecting wildlife, and transforming lives in Zimbabwe
Harnessing clean wind energy to power sustainable development in North China
Cleaner air, renewable electricity and improved wellbeing for communities in Central Vietnam
Permanent protection for Afognak Island’s dense, old growth spruce forest in Alaska
Finalise the offsetting process at our partner South Pole. Further information about the process and your personal data can be found in the FAQ section.
Recommended Offsetting Amount


Partnering with a leading emissions reduction project developer

South Pole is a leading provider of global sustainability financing solutions and services with over 250 experts in 18 global offices. For more than a decade, South Pole has worked with a wide range of public, private and civil sector organisations to accelerate the transition to a climate-smart society. The company’s expertise covers project funding, data and advisory on sustainability risks and opportunities as well as the development of environmental commodities such as carbon and renewable energy credits. South Pole has mobilised climate-finance to over 700 projects in emission reduction, renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable land-use.

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How Porsche cares about sustainability.

Sustainability is a crucial goal in our Corporate Strategy 2025. All our efforts are thus aimed at avoiding and reducing CO₂ emissions as much as possible and that also includes compensating the ones produced by vehicles already circulating today. But there is way more: Porsche continuously develops and implements measures along the entire value chain in order to minimise the use of resources and environmental resources. You can be part of all that and help us make it even bigger. Start discovering all our actions towards a more sustainable future.

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