Charging on the road.

Wherever you are.
Charging options for on the road.

An ever-growing network of public chargers means you don’t need to worry about charging on your journey, wherever you go. In cities, on highways, and in remote destinations, innovative solutions by Porsche E-Performance give you seamless access to a wide and reliable charging network.

Charging infrastructure.

Porsche Charging Service.
Porsche Charging Service.
One App for all charging sessions.
We ensure that your experience when charging on the road is carefree and flexible. Integrated into the Porsche Connect app, the Porsche Charging Service gives you unlimited access to a broad public charging infrastructure network of over 100,000 charging points in Europe. Without having to additionally register with the respective provider, you can charge your car just as easily and conveniently as at home. As a Taycan customer in Europe, you not only receive three years’ free use of our Charging Service, but also enjoy access to IONITY speed charging stations at preferential prices for three years, without having to pay the standing charge. And we also include other brands. Please refer to the Porsche Connect Store for an overview of markets that offer the Porsche Charging Service.
Highway charging.
Highway charging.
Long distance travel with minimum interruption.
Porsche customers benefit from uncompromising mobility while on the road. When purchasing a Taycan, you receive three years’ access to the ultra high speed charging infrastructure of our joint venture partner, IONITY, where you can charge at preferential prices.
Together with IONITY, we are constantly working on the development of an efficient speed charging infrastructure along major European roads. The charging points are widely distributed at intervals of around 80 miles – allowing you to always reach even distant destinations quickly and flexibly. While charging your Taycan, enjoy a coffee or some of the other services available from reliable partners at many charging stations. A short break to recharge your own batteries.
In 2020, approximately 400 IONITY locations will be in operation across Europe. The latest information about the charging network is available via our Porsche Charge Map or
Porsche Destination Charging.
Porsche Destination Charging.
Arrive, relax and charge your car at no cost.
We have partnered with top destinations to ensure you have access to Porsche charging wherever you go – whether it’s luxury hotels, fine restaurants, golf courses or other premium venues. As the driver of a Porsche plug-in hybrid or electric model, you can charge there for free.
Charging at your Porsche Centre.
Charging at your Porsche Centre.
The ultimate charging experience.
Together with many Porsche Centres, we are deploying the ultimate ultra high speed charging solution, with the development of our Porsche Turbo Charger.
Here, you can charge your Taycan at up to 270 kW using its 800-volt architecture to achieve a range of up to 100 km (WLTP) in as little as 5 minutes, or 5-80% charge in under 25 minutes under optimum conditions¹

¹Optimum conditions: Charge point of >270kW, battery temperature 30°C to 35°C, state of charge 5% - 80%.

Charging solutions.

Public Charging Cable
Public Charging Cable
For charging at AC public charge points you will need an appropriate cable. The optional public charging cable allows you to connect to Type 2 public charging sockets. Together with the Porsche Charging Service, you can charge your car at thousands of charging points across Europe.
Porsche Mobile Charger
Porsche Mobile Charger
Charge your Porsche from your household or industrial electrical outlet with the Porsche Mobile Charger. Both cables, which are used to connect the charger and electrical outlet, are included in delivery. Your charger will also come with a holder to attach the device to the wall. The Porsche Mobile Charger comes with a fixed 4.5m vehicle cable length.
The Porsche Mobile Charger at a glance:
Use: at home and on the road
Product variants: 3.6kW, 7.2kW
Wall mount dimensions: Width: 136mm, Height: 391mm, Depth: 76mm
Weight: 2.4 - 3.5kg
Compatibility: compatible with all Porsche hybrid and electric cars
Porsche Mobile Charger Connect
Porsche Mobile Charger Connect
The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is an intelligent charger with a five-inch touchscreen display which you can connect with your household connection or your industrial electrical outlet. It is available with an output of up to 11kW*. The device can be configured and operated via WiFi. Your charger will also come with a holder for convenient wall mounting. As standard the charger comes with a 2.5m vehicle cable length, but can optionally be specified with a 7.5m vehicle cable length at no additional cost. The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is also compatible with the optional Porsche Wall Dock and Porsche Compact Charging Pedestal mounting options.
The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect at a glance:
Use: at home and on the road
Product variants: 11kW
Supports intelligent charging: Yes, in combination with the optional Porsche Home Energy Manager
Wall mount dimensions: Length: 385mm, Width: 135mm, Height: 65mm
Weight: 2.54kg
Compatibility: Compatible with all Porsche hybrid and electric cars

*charging speed dependent on power supply and vehicle specification.

Porsche Connect and E-Performance.

With the apps and services from Porsche Connect, you can conveniently operate various vehicle functions from your living room. For example, control the charging process, check the state of charge of your battery or bring your Porsche to a comfortable temperature before you start your trip.

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Information on charging at home.

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