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Want to know more about Porsche E-Performance? We have collated a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you. For further information please contact your preferred Porsche Centre.

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Charging options
Where can I charge my Porsche electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle?

Your Porsche can be conveniently charged in various everyday situations: at home, on route and at your destination. Various Porsche charging equipment is available for home charging. Please contact your Porsche Centre for further information. The Porsche Charging Service offers you an overview and standard access to public charging points for charging on route and at the destination. These include charging points on motorways, in cities and at participating Porsche Centres. Porsche Destination Charging is available to you at selected destinations, for example luxury hotels.

Which electrical sockets can I use to charge my Porsche?

You can charge your Porsche both at domestic and public charging outlets. In order to charge with the greatest possible efficiency and shortest duration, public charging units often have the fastest charging speeds. Using the Porsche Charging Service is the best way to find more information about the location and accessibility of suitable public charging points.

For the installation of charging hardware at your home, our recommended provider for home installation services, Andersen EV, can support you through this process if you require. Please contact your Porsche Centre for further information.

Can the specified charging times vary?

Yes, the charging time is influenced by several factors. These include:
- the available power rating of the energy infrastructure
- the passenger compartment preconditioning
- the charge state and the temperature of the high-voltage battery
- the settings that were activated on the charger or energy manager

When charging at home, the customer-specific domestic installation is also an important factor.

With AC charging, the power output of the on-board charger installed in the vehicle makes a real difference.

The charging times can therefore differ significantly from the specified values.

Charging at home
What charging equipment does Porsche offer for charging my vehicle at home and where can I buy it?

Approximately 80% of electric vehicle charging takes place at home, so to provide the optimum experience based on your personal requirements, we offer a range of intelligent charging solutions to ensure you can charge your Porsche electric vehicle efficiently and safely from the comfort of your garage or driveway. For the installation of charging hardware at your home, our recommended provider for home installation services, Andersen EV, can support you through this process if you require. Please contact your Porsche Centre for further information.

The Porsche Charging Planner provides support here in helping you to plan charging, e.g. by preconditioning the battery before the charging operation, to achieve an optimal charging performance.

I want to be able to charge my Porsche at home. How can I find out if that is possible?

A home check should be carried out in conjunction with our recommended home installation partner, Andersen EV.

Your electrical infrastructure is checked and details regarding the installation of the equipment at your home can be agreed.

Are there legal framework conditions with which I must comply for the installation of domestic charging equipment?

The installation of domestic charging equipment can be considered a structural change.

We recommend that you use the Porsche recommended home installation partner and coordinate with all parties involved before installation; these might include, e.g., your electricity supplier, your municipal authorities or housing community and, if required, your landlord.

A detailed analysis of your domestic infrastructure is created by an expert as part of the home check. Further information is also available from your Porsche partner.

Charging on the road
What advantages does the Porsche Charging Service offer me when charging at public charging points?

Once the Porsche Charging Service is activated, you can charge your Taycan at more than 550,000 charging points offered by our contractual partners across Europe. These include both Porsche charging points and those of other providers. You can use the service for three years free of the basic charges.

Without the Porsche Charging Service, you would need a contract with the respective charging point operators to use their charging points.

How can I charge at public charging points?

If you would like to charge your Porsche at a public charging point you must first activate it: dependant on the charging point, this may be with a smartphone app, an RFID card, or a contactless payment card.

When you want to use an applicable Porsche Charging Service charging point, you can activate via the My Porsche app or the provided charging card.

Following activation of the charging point, you must connect your Porsche using a charging cable:
- With DC charging points, the cable is permanently installed on the charging pedestal.
- With AC charging points, particularly in Europe, you will require a mode 3 charging cable.
This is available as special equipment via your Porsche partner.

Normally, charging starts automatically. Further information is provided on the relevant charging point.

How do I easily find the nearest charging point?

You can call up the available public charging points in the PCM of your vehicle. Use the POI search or the Porsche Charging planner to do this. Further information can be found in your Driver's Manual.

Please note that due to the fast pace at which the network of public charging points is being expanded it may happen that not all existing charging points are displayed in the PCM.

If you are using the Porsche Charging Service, you will also find all usable partner charging points in the My Porsche app.

Can a passer-by disconnect the plug, while I am charging at a public charging point?

No, once plugged into the vehicle charge port, the charging plug is automatically detected by the vehicle and locked. The charging cable is secured against being disconnected and your Porsche is secured against being driven away.

How can I ensure that my Porsche is not completely discharged?

Normally, your vehicle will not discharge completely, instead it will inform you that the charge is low in good time. Pay attention to the instructions in the PCM and the instrument cluster.

In addition, your Porsche can suggest a route to a nearby charging point if the vehicle charge is low.

In everyday situations there are many options available to you to charge your Porsche, e.g. during breaks at fuel and service stations or while out shopping.

Must I always charge my Porsche completely?

No, you don't have to charge the high-voltage battery of your Porsche completely every time. Partially charging your Porsche will not cause capacity loss ("memory effect") and does not reduce the service life of your high-voltage battery.

In addition, the charging speed reduces as the charge level of the high-voltage battery increases. Therefore it can save time to only charge the battery up to approx. 80 per cent or until the required range has been achieved.

Moreover, only allowing it to discharge to 20% and charging it slowly to 80% protects the battery.

On what does the range of my Porsche depend?

The range is influenced by various factors, such as the driving style, comfort functions, aerodynamics and road conditions. The most important factor is your driving style: environmentally-aware and anticipatory driving behaviour promotes brake energy recovery and thereby increases the range of the vehicle. In addition, you can reduce the strength of your comfort functions such as the air-conditioning system and heating, and only fit add-on parts that influence the aerodynamics (e.g. roof boxes) when required.

What must I note in particular during cold weather?

As a result of the comfort functions used in cold weather, e.g. the heating, the range of your vehicle may be reduced. The use of the convenient preconditioning function during charging can minimise this result as the required heating power is provided by the power grid.

At low temperatures, the charging performance of your high-voltage battery can also be restricted. Using the Porsche Charging Planner and the battery preconditioning can however warm the battery before the charging operation and thereby enable optimal charging conditions.

What must I be aware of when driving abroad?

Country-specific stipulations and approvals may restrict the use of charging equipment abroad. Consult the Driver's Manual and contact your Porsche Centre to learn if your equipment is suitable for the country you intend to visit or if you need additional equipment.

Can I use travel adapters when travelling abroad?

No, do not use extension cables, cable reels, multiple sockets or (travel) adapters to charge your vehicle.

You can purchase appropriate connecting cables (plugs) for this from your Porsche Centre specifically for the relevant country.

What happens in the event of a power cut?

If, during an active charging operation (vehicle plug is plugged in), the charger is disconnected from the infrastructure (power supply is cut off), then the charger is switched off.

No entry is made in the error memory, as without power supply nothing can be saved.

If the vehicle plug is still plugged in when the power supply is restored, the charger starts quite normally and the charging operation continues.

My vehicle is not charging or not with the desired charging performance. What should I do?

If your vehicle is not charging or not with the desired charging performance, the following points, which could lead to restrictions in the charging process, should be checked:
- Was a charging timer activated?
- Was a charging profile created?
- Were local settings made on the charger, e.g. reduction of the charging performance to 50%?
- Were local settings made in the Home Energy Manager?

At low temperatures, the charging performance of your high-voltage battery can also be restricted. If the charging performance falls to below 6 A, the charging process stops and is not restarted automatically.

What must be observed when charging vehicles of other brands?

When using Porsche charging hardware to charge vehicles of other brands, the start of the charging process can take a little longer.

Who can I contact if I need support?

If you have questions regarding the Porsche charging hardware, please contact your Porsche Centre or Porsche Connect support. These support services will advise you, provide support on troubleshooting and initiate required fault resolution processes.

For questions on public charging with the Porsche Charging Service, Porsche Connect Support is available at all times. In addition, your mobility is always guaranteed with Porsche Assistance.

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