Porsche Travel Stories
Namibian desert scene with sand dunes in background
Offroad desert driving in Africa on the Porsche Travel Experience Namibia A land of spectacular wildlife and unforgettable desert scenery, lit by a desert sun that inspired the Porsche colour African Queen Metallic. The Colourful Experience heads to the vast sands of Namibia Read more
Blue Porsche Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo on Tokyo street
A 24-hour tour of Tokyo in a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo From hidden bookshops to futuristic temples and cake shops shaped like pineapple baskets, join in a perfect Porsche road trip around one of the world’s most exciting cities Read more
Men with Porsche cars featuring Porsche winter camping equipment
A guide to winter camping essentials for your car from Porsche Head out on a winter adventure with your car with the Porsche roof tent and a range of equipment and accessories Read more
View of Nerja in Andalusia, Spain at sunset
Sunsets, food and flamenco on the Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain Malaga Red merges with unforgettable light during the Porsche Travel Experience Southern Spain. For our next Colourful Experience, we head to a place where culture burns brightly Read more
Sunlit Norwegian fjord with still waters and blue sky
From Oslo to the Great Atlantic Road on the Porsche Travel Experience Norway Norway’s capital is the perfect starting point for a Colourful Experience road trip that takes in spectacular coastal scenery, culturally thriving cityscapes and one of the world’s greatest roads Read more
Porsche 908/01 K Coupé at the Luftgekühlt show
Top Porsche events not to miss in 2024 From adrenaline-fueled racing to vibrant festivals, there’s a Porsche event for everyone to look forward to this year Read more
View of snow-capped Alpine peaks from above
The perfect mountain road trip on the Porsche Travel Experience Swiss Alps Along spectacular mountain passes hemmed in by walls of snow and along some of Europe’s highest – and best – driving roads, this ice cold Colourful Experience is one to remember Read more
Winding mountainous Irish road passes rugged granite rocks
A roadtrip around Ireland with the Porsche Travel Experience ‘A hundred thousand welcomes’ is how the Irish have greeted visitors for centuries. A place whose hospitality, people and roads make you feel at home Read more
River of orange lava flows down from Mount Etna, Sicily
Driving up Mount Etna with the Porsche Travel Experience Sicily You’ll find inspiration for colour everywhere on a Porsche Travel Experience. In eastern Sicily the looming presence of Mount Etna, and the vivid lava that flows from it, dominates the landscape Read more
Porsche 911 in front of colourful collage of landscapes
Discover a world of Porsche colour Meet the Porsche car colours inspired by dream destinations – the perfect excuse for inspirational road trips in a Porsche Read more
brown espresso coffee dripping through machine
Seeking car colour inspiration on the Porsche Travel Experience Sicily Its food, drink, heritage and roads are what makes Sicily such a unique island. And its colours – like that of the humble espresso – can even serve as an inspiration for your next Porsche Read more
Top Porsche road trip ideas and tips With ROADS by Porsche, you can create your perfect road trip. The creator of the app, Marco Brinkmann, shares his top tips and ideas Read more
An awe-inspiring African adventure Elephant traffic jams, luxury camping on ‘the moon’ and breakfast tables in the desert – Namibia, Botswana and Zambia will astound you with extraordinary sights Read more
People and Porsche cars outside F.A.T. Mankei, Grossglockner Pass, Austria
What is F.A.T. Mankei? Over 2200m up Austria’s highest mountain is an all-new version of a venue that’s been serving motorists driving up one of the world’s great roads for years Read more
Ipatievsky Monastery in Kostroma, Russia, with golden onion-domed towers
A Russian road trip in a Porsche to a land of beautiful monasteries On a road trip from Moscow in a thoroughly modern Porsche sports car, we visit a world of beautiful monasteries, pretty roads and encounter outstanding craftmanship and unforgettable hospitality Read more
Porsche cars driving in convoy along a bridge
25 years of Porsche Travel Experience In 2021 we invited you to join us on an epic online journey across the globe. This film looks back on our fascinating and illuminating year-long tour Read more
Wine, waves, twists and turns in Tasmania Just over 16,000km away from Porsche HQ is Tasmania, Australia’s largest island and one of the many fabulous places we’ve visited with Porsche Travel Experience in 25 years Read more
Numerous cheeses are stored in a metre-high, glass humidor
Porsche Travel Experience Swiss Alps: where cheese is king There’s nowhere else where tradition and innovation combine so harmoniously in such seriously cool surroundings as The Chedi Andermatt in the Swiss Alps Read more
Man in foreground, woman in car roof tent in countryside
Porsche Travel Experience Rheinhessen: a rooftop adventure With its deep valleys, steep slopes and village vineyards, the wide panoramas of Rheinhessen have all the ingredients for a classic road trip. Just add a Porsche, a roof tent and a desire to leave your comfort zone Read more
Close-up of ancient statue’s head
Porsche Travel Experience Stuttgart/Leipzig: driven by dreams We drive from Porsche HQ in Stuttgart to its production facility in eastern Germany and find a city that embraces culture both cool and classical Read more
A sustainable hotel on the coast of New Zealand
Green means go Inspired by New Zealand’s outstanding sustainable tourism projects, our vision for a unique Porsche Travel Experience to the Land of the Long White Cloud is taking shape Read more
A Porsche with a roof tent in a beautiful landscape
10 great places to camp with a Porsche roof tent There’s nothing like sleeping in the great outdoors – and it’s even better if it’s in a roof tent top on a Porsche. Here are few ideas for your next Porsche camping adventure Read more
Bed headboard carved from ice into leaf shape
A Porsche road trip to Norway’s Kirkenes snow hotel Falling asleep on a frozen bed while tonnes of ice hover over your head makes a night in The Snowhotel Kirkenes unforgettable Read more
Porsche cars driving along a canyon road
Conquering Pikes Peak on the Porsche Travel Experience Colorado As well as spectacular driving roads and breathtaking views, Porsche fans can also enjoy the region’s culinary highlights Read more
Hotel with pool in foreground, palms behind
The hotel where art and culture meet Morocco is a new addition to the list of exciting destinations you can visit with the Porsche Adventure Experience. As well as awe-inspiring routes, you’ll encounter hip, stand-out accommodation like The Fellah Hotel near Marrakech Read more
Five Porsche cars in a line reflected in water
An Australian road trip on the Porsche Targa Tasmania Tour A tour of Australia’s island state finds beautiful, wild landscapes, great food and wine and some of the best – and quietest – roads you’ll find anywhere Read more
Silver Porsche 911 Targa 4S on road in Sicily
A Sicily road trip with Targa Florio winner Gijs van Lennep On the Porsche Experience Sicily, the Dutch motor racing great revisits the scene of one of his greatest triumphs on a tour around a true jewel of the Mediterranean Read more
Film lighting technician on a crane in the evening light
A travel experience in Vancouver – Canada’s sustainable movie city Vancouver has earned a reputation for being the Hollywood of the North in recent years. Now it’s aiming to stand out by introducing sustainable filmmaking practices Read more
Porsche road trip: Cape Town’s cutting-edge style If you’ve been driving around the beautiful countryside near Cape Town, treat yourself to a spot of pampering afterwards. Go where the savvy locals go – Yogis Barbershop Read more
Porsche 911 Carrera (type 997) in Californian forest
Follow 997 Panamericana’s guide to creating epic Porsche 911 road trips Ever since Michael Erbland bought a classic 911 Carrera (type 997) he’s made the most of the ownership experience. From ocean to mountains, San Diego to the Sierra Nevada, he’s proving that there’s no limits to its capabilities Read more
Carmine Red Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS by fishing nets
How one fan exported a Porsche 911 from New York to Germany When John Pressman and his partner moved from the United States to Germany, it meant leaving behind his beloved 911 Carrera 4 GTS. But as he recounts, it was merely a case of we’ll meet again Read more
Black Porsche 911 on mountain switchback, on grey, cloudy day
Porsche Travel Experience Austrian Alps: high expectations Austria’s Großglockner is one of the world’s great passes, thrilling drivers for nearly 90 years. And a road that has influenced the development of every Porsche made Read more
Woman with white Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 in snow-capped mountains
Can you daily drive a Porsche 718 Cayman GT4? One couple did – across Europe The inspiring story of how Swiss newlyweds bought a Porsche sportscar and went on an epic driving holiday for their honeymoon Read more
Porsche professional athlete Liam Whaley kitesurfing, glacier behind him
Extreme kitesurfing on a Porsche road trip in Alaska The high thrills sport of kitesurfing is usually practiced in warm and sunny conditions. Find out what happened when some of the world’s best kiters took their sport to the limit in glacial waters on an epic road trip Read more
Porsche GT2 RS speeding past crowds at Goodwood track
Porsche events in 2023: what to look forward to Get ready for another fun, adrenaline-fuelled Porsche year. Here’s the key Porsche events, anniversaries, festivals and moments to get excited about over the next 12 months Read more
Muddy Quest_teaser
A muddy quest into the dark heart of Vietnam In the pitch black Hang Toi Cave you’ll encounter an unforgettable adventure full of zipline thrills and muddy spills Read more
Two Japanese women in traditional dress with a young girl
A Japanese foodie road trip in a Porsche Exquisite flavours, artistic presentation and refined cutlery underline the unique nature of Japanese dining culture. A road trip through the Land of the Rising Sun Read more
Python Green Porsche 911 Carrera T driving on mountain road
Ideas for 8 surprising Porsche roadtrips An open road is an invitation – especially when you’re at the wheel of the new Porsche 911 Carrera T. Discover these hidden gem roadtrips from ROADS by Porsche Read more
The journey is the reward Immerse yourself in the captivating world of the Porsche Travel Experience. Come with us on dream journeys around the world, in search of pure driving pleasure Read more
In search of coffee heaven Melbourne is not only Australia’s hippest city and host of a Formula 1 race. It’s also the place to go for the ultimate caffeine hit, as we discovered on a Porsche Travel Experience Read more
The apple of South Tyrol’s eye In the valleys of Italy’s South Tyrol region, you’ll find a special, historic fruit that’s cultivated with care and meticulous detail Read more
Boston: aiming for the neutral zone Lower air pollution, safer streets, higher productivity. The US city of Boston is aiming to achieve all of these by 2050 with the help of electric vehicles Read more
From capital of art to capital of Artificial Intelligence Amsterdam, the city of bikes, boats and laid-back bars, is blooming. Here’s how an open-minded, pioneering spirit has led to it becoming a leading light in the development of AI Read more
Tuscany. A joy for all the senses Delicious food, exquisite wine, picturesque landscapes and romantic roads. Join us on an adventure to the land of the renaissance and experience la dolce vita, Porsche-style Read more
The land of welcomes, whisky and winding roads The jaw-dropping scenery, inviting, deserted roads and bountiful hospitality of Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands makes it a tour you won’t forget in a hurry Read more
An enchanting drive beside the Blue Danube and beyond Take one majestic Porsche. Add glorious riverside roads, verdant forest and sprawling vineyards. And embark on a trip that winds through sleepy villages and past grand, royal residences Read more
Building la dolce vita Built from the ruins of an abandoned Tuscan village, the hilltop Monteverdi hotel is unique – a place where history and modernity fuse Read more
A spark of inspiration Our senses were working overtime as we took the new all-electric Porsche Taycan to southern Spain for some winter sun. It’s a car to warm both heart and soul Read more
Design and light in concert In the land of fire and ice, a colourful concert hall has found itself fast-tracked to landmark status Read more
Black Porsche Cayenne in a pristine mountain landscape
Porsche Travel Experience future: truly remarkable Georgia Straddling rugged peaks, a land of wild terrain, hilltop monasteries and rustic villages. We discover that Georgia deserves a place on your bucket list for a future Porsche Travel Experience Read more
Bar tables inside an old, ivy-covered building, from above
Porsche Travel Experience: the buzzing bars of Budapest There are many reasons to visit Hungary’s elegant capital, Budapest. Among them are its ‘ruin bars’. Part of its lively creative scene, and housed in derelict buildings, they showcase a different side to the city Read more
People bathing in a blue lagoon in Iceland
Porsche Travel Experience Iceland: in search of the perfect blue When black basalt meets bright blue water it creates a beautiful contrast. This is just one of many stunning features of this amazing island Read more
Red Porsche 911 parked in a meadow in modern wooden buildings
Sustainable architecture on a Porsche Experience road trip in the Alps Participants in a Porsche Travel Experience in the Alps don’t just engage with the awesome surroundings and incredibly rewarding driving roads, they also encounter memorable architecture that blends effortlessly with its environment Read more
Man tees off at Porsche Golf Cup World Final
What is the Porsche Golf Cup World Final? We all know that Porsche and golf have a close relationship at a professional level, but the annual competition for talented amateur customers is both fiercely competitive and also a place to make new friends Read more
A couple on a trip of discoveries in the Alps
Porsche Travel Experience: an Alpine food revolution Helli Gufler’s Alpine delicacies attract food lovers from all over the world. We take a detour to a very special mountain hut in the South Tyrolean Alps that is a beautiful assault on the senses Read more
The switchback roads of the Swiss Alps
The ultimate Porsche road trips The open road and a Porsche. A match made in heaven. We asked a few members of the community to share their most memorable road trips Read more
First-generation Cayenne with bike rack next to stack of logs
Off-roading in a Porsche SUV: why it makes a great lifestyle car Cyclist Sebastian Bentzin powered a winter training session when he got the chance to spend the day with a classic Cayenne. He tells us how the Porsche SUV was not just a cool way to take him to his two-wheeled adventure, but introduced him to the fun of off-roading too Read more
Metal RIMOWA suitcase with Porsche badging leaning on 911
The exclusive 911-inspired suitcase by RIMOWA and Porsche Two brands with a shared heritage, RIMOWA and Porsche have joined together on a limited-edition suitcase that reflects their commitment to technical innovation, high performance and functional yet beautiful design Read more
A long, winding bridge over a fjord in Norway
Why Norway is an electric road trip dream How a legendary skier and renowned photographer used the electric Taycan to showcase unparalleled Norwegian splendour with the Porsche Travel Experience Read more
Porsche 996 driving in front of rocky Utah scenery
How to go camping with a Porsche To Brock Keen, the world is one giant camping spot. Thanks to his Porsche 911 and roof tent combo, he’s always guaranteed the ultimate room with a view Read more
Man stands next to red Porsche Taycan in snowy scene
How to drive a Porsche in winter Snow and ice are among the biggest challenges for any driver. But, says Porsche driving expert, Jukka Honkavuori, a combination of basic physics and keeping your cool goes a long way to conquering your fears and keeping you safe Read more
A hot air balloon flies over a snowy Finnish landscape
How to film a Porsche... from a hot air balloon A flight in a hot air balloon is a memorable for anyone taking part. But when making a film with the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo at a snowy Porsche Ice Experience in Finland, it becomes a truly amazing one Read more
Chinese temple by a lake, mountain massif in the background
4000m into the clouds: a Porsche adventure to Shangri-La Once a place accessible only to daring adventurers, participants in the Porsche Travel Experience can get there more comfortably, but no less spectacularly Read more
Inca ruins in Moray, Andean peaks in the background
Remarkable food fusion on a Porsche road trip to Peru The country and its new Andean cuisine should definitely be on your travel bucket list on a Porsche road trip to star chef Gastón Acurio’s homeland Read more
Close-up of a man in a wetsuit surfing a wave
A Porsche adventure with big wave surfer Andrew Cotton In conversation with Sidetracked magazine for Porsche, surfer Andrew Cotton tells us what it takes to ride the world’s largest waves, fighting back from serious injury and finding peace and happiness on the ocean Read more
Woman carries fruit on head in front of orange wall
Colombia road trip: the colonial beauty that inspired a literary giant Neoclassical bourgeois houses in all the colours of tropical fruits, Cartagena is the charming, brightly coloured queen of South America’s colonial cities Read more
White 1983 911 being tucked under a Porsche car cover
How to protect a classic Porsche in winter On a scenic autumn drive from Milan to Lake Como, furniture and interior designer, Tommaso Spinzi, explains the joy of owning a classic Porsche 911 and shares his tips on laying it down for the winter Read more
The rocky shoreline of Lake Ladoga in Karelia
A Porsche road trip through Russia’s vast wilderness Everything about the Russian region of Karelia feels big. It’s a place that provides a unique road trip in a Porsche SUV Read more
Man in suit juggles large white truffles
The singular aroma of culinary success Visit an idyllic corner of Croatia’s beautiful Istrian peninsula and you enter a foodie’s paradise. One where the white truffle is king and some special four-legged friends are revered Read more
Red 911 passes through southern villages
Porsche Travel Experience Southern France: route of legends Glorious climate, imposing mountains, blue waters, pretty villages and challenging roads. The Côte d’Azur is a paradise for Porsche enthusiasts Read more
Whitewashed hilltop village next to turquoise blue waters
Porsche Travel Experience: Spain’s white jewels The Romans and Moors have left a colourful footprint in southern Spain. We follow their paths on a tour through Los Pueblos Blancos of Andalucía Read more
Orange-coloured round cheese on grease-proof paper
A Porsche Travel Experience through the Vosges/Black Forest: just follow your nose The Vosges region of eastern France is the Black Forest’s little sister, but it’s also the home to a special cheese Read more
View of twisting Transfăgărășan highway from above with Porsche 911
A 911 road trip to one of the world’s great driving experiences Take one French 911 fan, called Christophe. Add one incredible road as a destination. And ensure that you get there driving across Europe in your dream car. Could there be anything better? Read more
Hairpin bends on Tianmen Mountain
The mountain that makes memorable moments: a China Porsche adventure The 99 sharp bends of the Tianmen Shan Big Gate put most of the world’s mountain roads in the shade Read more
Tapas dishes being served on wooden tray
Seville’s tapas revolution: discover great food on the Porsche Travel Experience Unusual creations, made using fine ingredients, are attracting traditionalists, newcomers and Porsche Travel Experience participants alike Read more
Winding roads in the remote green mountains of Nan, Thailand
Porsche experience stories: welcome to Thailand’s ‘Green Hell’ Driving jungle-hugging roads is just one of the joys be had in the The Land of Smiles. Get ready for Nürburgring-style bends on a dramatic scale Read more
Blue Porsche 911 991 on a rickety wooden bridge
A Route 66 road trip in a Porsche 911 Porsche 911. Route 66. Two of the most famous numbers in motoring. When Robert Layne bought his first 911, he couldn’t think of a better way to get to know it than drive the original route of this legendary road Read more
Three Porsche 911s driving through beautiful autumn forest
Exploring New England on the Porsche Travel Experience Join us on a road trip from New York to Vermont on the Porsche Travel Experience Northeast Tour Read more
Irish wolfhound from the site, sitting on the shore of a lake
Porsche Travel Experience Ireland: the hunt for a near-mythical giant Join us on the Porsche Travel Experience Ireland to discover the story of one particularly special animal Read more
Porsche 911 turbo s driving in front of a mountain range
Porsche Travel Experience Alpine Performance: head east for Eden The mountain ranges are imposing, the passes are legendary and life is sweet. Enjoy the South Tyrol’s breathtaking landscapes and challenging routes in a Porsche 911 Turbo S Read more
Man standing outside of Porsche looking into sunset
Porsche Travel Experience: Black Forest spirit The Black Forest’s roads are a car lover’s delight. Explore a little further, however, and you find a region with a growing reputation for making the finest spirits Read more
A coastal road between sandstone cliffs and surf-ready ocean
Porsche Travel Experience California: From LA to the Bay California’s breathtakingly cinematic Pacific Coast Highway takes us from the City of Angels and Tinseltown to San Francisco, the city of the Summer of Love and the digital boom Read more
Town on a cove with mountain range in background
An adventure trip to memorable Montenegro When it comes to natural beauty, very few places along the Mediterranean coastline can compare to the Bay of Kotor. Just one more reason why we need to plan a Porsche Travel Experience in Montenegro Read more
Modern architecture in a mediaeval village
Porsche Travel Experience Northern Spain Spain’s Rioja region is not only a place to enjoy the finest Spanish wines, but also its spectacular bodegas, designed by world-class architects Read more
Red Macan GTS on cobbled road, cloudy sunlit mountain behind
Porsche Macan GTS roadtrip: from high Alps to majestic Adriatic On an 800km odyssey taking in epic mountain switchbacks and Baroque cities, turquoise coastal waters and imposing medieval walled old towns, in a car that’s ready for everything Read more
Making waves: the boat inspired by timeless Porsche design The definition of timeless design is one that endures, decade after decade. In the case of one Porsche model, it led one Greek boat maker to build a head-turning, sea-faring homage to the iconic 356 Read more
A voyage of happiness Lava fields, steaming hot springs and geysers as high as houses. A thousand kilometres in a 911 across Iceland, one of earth’s happiest and most spectacular places Read more
View overlooking Edinburgh, grey clouds in the sky
World of myth and beauty: Porsche Travel Experience Scotland Stunning lochs, breath-taking mountains, and challenging roads –there’s nothing better than exploring the remote, rugged beauty of the Highlands in a new Porsche Read more
Man reading Dracula Book
A Transylvanian travel experience: why Romania is a driver’s delight In the awe-inspiring Carpathian mountains, discover bend after bend of pure driving pleasure on the Transfăgărășan pass Read more
Man exits door of Porsche 911 Cabriolet with monastery behind
Porsche Travel Experience Greece: guided by a photographer’s eye Photographer Costas Spathis shows some of the unexpected scenic attractions that his country has to offer Read more
High mountains and heightened senses 1,104km of exhilarating corners and views over four days and through four countries, the Porsche Travel Experience Central Alps is a sensory overload Read more
Island with trees from above
Window on a wild and wonderful world A helicopter ride over Zambia’s imperious Victoria Falls, and look down on the trail of migratory elephants heading along the Lower Zambezi river Read more
Driving through Namibian desert, large rock formation in middle ground
Driving through the sands of time The sunrise bathes the famous Sossusvlei dune landscape in a sea of red. Having breakfast at the world’s highest dunes is part of the Porsche Adventure Experience Namibia Read more
The hi-tech city with lofty ambitions Right now, Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting cities on earth. Here, start-up scouts and Porsche are seeking the people and ideas driving our mobility of the future Read more