Porsche Architecture Stories
Blue Porsche Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo on Tokyo street
A 24-hour tour of Tokyo in a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo From hidden bookshops to futuristic temples and cake shops shaped like pineapple baskets, join in a perfect Porsche road trip around one of the world’s most exciting cities Read more
A hotel room in a contemporary style overlooking Table Mountain
From industrial landmark to style icon Concrete grain stores were never intended to become an exclusive luxury hotel. But there’s no doubt that The Silo Hotel in Cape Town should be on the bucket list of any discerning visitor Read more
Bed headboard carved from ice into leaf shape
A Porsche road trip to Norway’s Kirkenes snow hotel Falling asleep on a frozen bed while tonnes of ice hover over your head makes a night in The Snowhotel Kirkenes unforgettable Read more
Exploring the intersection between cars and art Creative director of the new Type 7 book, Thomas Walk, believes that you’ll find the same qualities that attract you to a Porsche in beautiful art, photography and buildings Read more
Building a new future that’s out of this world With a mission to the moon on the near horizon, we look at how rapid advancements in 3D printing is helping change the course of history both today and beyond Read more
Building la dolce vita Built from the ruins of an abandoned Tuscan village, the hilltop Monteverdi hotel is unique – a place where history and modernity fuse Read more
Design and light in concert In the land of fire and ice, a colourful concert hall has found itself fast-tracked to landmark status Read more
Sustainable building in Alps, made with large quantities of timber
Alpine Porsche Travel Experience: where sustainable building thrives Spectacular mountain roads, passes and panoramas: Porsche Travel Experience journeys in the Alps feature sharp bends, endorphin rushes and unconventional, sustainable Alpine architecture Read more
Red Porsche 911 parked in a meadow in modern wooden buildings
Sustainable architecture on a Porsche Experience road trip in the Alps Participants in a Porsche Travel Experience in the Alps don’t just engage with the awesome surroundings and incredibly rewarding driving roads, they also encounter memorable architecture that blends effortlessly with its environment Read more
Porsche 356, headlights on, driving up underground car park ramp
The world’s most spectacular garages for Porsche cars These dream homes have something that little bit extra. Not only have they designed their garage as a feature in itself, but they also have a Porsche to put into them. Here are five homes for sportscars that make a real statement Read more
View of the Shanghai Tower skyscraper’s roof
Road trips in China: the Shanghai Tower signals a green future As the country make leaps towards constructing a sustainable future, the Porsche Travel Experience takes a road trip in China to see its impressive new landmark – the Shanghai Tower Read more
Exposed concrete building with bright, expressive modern wall art
Iconic planned city at the heart of an Indian travel experience Chandigarh is an architectural trailblazer and ideal candidate for future Porsche Travel Experience trips. Find out more about India's ‘City Beautiful’ Read more
Whitewashed hilltop village next to turquoise blue waters
Porsche Travel Experience: Spain’s white jewels The Romans and Moors have left a colourful footprint in southern Spain. We follow their paths on a tour through Los Pueblos Blancos of Andalucía Read more
Renaissance-style courtyard with a seating area and statue in centre
Porsche Travel Experience Tuscany: a journey to the Renaissance With its beautiful Renaissance architecture and a private park, a stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Florence is a highlight of the Porsche Travel Experience Tuscany Read more
Modern architecture in a mediaeval village
Porsche Travel Experience Northern Spain Spain’s Rioja region is not only a place to enjoy the finest Spanish wines, but also its spectacular bodegas, designed by world-class architects Read more
A voyage of happiness Lava fields, steaming hot springs and geysers as high as houses. A thousand kilometres in a 911 across Iceland, one of earth’s happiest and most spectacular places Read more