Porsche APAC presents: Dreamers without limits

From overcoming challenges and cultural norms to building a legacy - these dreamers won’t be stopped.

Not even flames can stop Simona De Silvestro on her way forward

Discover how Simona's childhood dream of racing sports cars led to a career pushing electric cars to their limits on the racetrack.
Ryan (L) and Morgan (R) selecting the right piece of wood for their next project.

Morgan and Ryan Yeo: Our heritage, our future

Determined to carry on their father’s legacy, the Morgan and Ryan champion sustainability and craftsmanship.
Aeron is standing behind the counter at Kappou, focused on preparing a dish.

Chef Aeron Choo: Never Accept “No”

Aeron on mastering Japanese cuisine, despite facing gender stereotypes and other traditional beliefs in Japan.
Krithin Paul Pereira at his desk, working on a drawing of a Porsche.

Krithin Paul Pereira: A dreamer without limits

Krithin on his passion for Porsche and his dream to design a new kind of sports car.

Creating Rock'n'Roll dreams

From the French countryside to touring with some of the world's biggest rockstars, Roure and his guitars have been on quite the adventure.
Jacky Ickx sits in a racing car and points to something outside of the car which cannot be seen in the picture.

The man of Le Mans: Jacky Ickx

What makes a successful sports car racer? After dominating racetracks for a living, Jacky Ickx might know a thing or two.
We see Sophie de Oliveira's face in a close-up from the front. She looks reflective.

Sophie de Oliveira Barata's healing touch with artistic flair

Sophie turned her passion for special effects into crafting innovative, timeless designs to inspire creativity within the medical prosthetics world.
Ferry Porsche is leaning against the front of a red Porsche 356 “No 1” Roadster.

How Ferry Porsche's dream started rolling

Inspired by his father’s work, Ferry Porsche built the sports car of his dreams.

Paul Casey masters high concentration and high speeds

A tale of handicaps and horsepower. How passion and perseverance can overcome setbacks and make dreams come true.