A Solemn Promise

Morgan and Ryan Yeo always knew that they would take over their father’s business one day. However, when their father fell ill in 2014, the responsibility of managing a business came a lot earlier than they initially anticipated.


After promising their father that they would look after the business, they set out to build a legacy that they could be proud of. It was important to Morgan to not just provide for the family, but to keep them united as well. And that meant following in their father’s footsteps and sustaining what had been handed down to him and his brothers.


By using modern techniques, innovation and making use of sustainable materials, Morgan and Ryan were able to invigorate their business, but it hasn’t always been an easy ride. Ultimately, Roger&Sons is more than just a business – it’s the ongoing legacy of the work their father loved.

Hopefully when Dad looks down on us from heaven, he has a smile on his face, and he is proud of us. We are trying our best to do something that is bigger than us.
Ryan YeoOperations Director of Roger&Sons

Trial by Fire

Morgan and Ryan started visiting their father’s workshop when they were kids – excited to see all the tools and learn about woodworking, something their father was very passionate about.


They had always planned to take over the business, but when it came to doing so in 2014, they had barely reached adulthood. Although Morgan had already finished a business degree, the brothers lacked a fundamental familiarity with the industry. Furthermore, the older generation of carpenters who worked for his father weren’t necessarily ready to work for such a young leader.


Regardless of these hurdles, Morgan and Ryan were determined to sustain what they were given and sat down to brainstorm how to move forwards.

A New Beginning

After immersing themselves and learning as much about the carpentry industry as possible, it was clear to the brothers that the first thing they needed to do was pivot the business.


They renamed the company Roger&Sons in honour of their late father and pivoted from systems furniture to being ethical craftsmen and maverick makers. This gave them the opportunity to sustain the knowledge and experience of the older generation of craftsmen who worked for the company as well as bring true artistry to their work, focusing on bespoke one-off pieces.

Looking to Tomorrow and Beyond

For Morgan and Ryan, sustainability is one of their core guiding pillars. In an effort to use more local materials, they started The Local Tree Project - switching from imported material to locally-felled trees. 


The project may sound simple, but in reality it is not. Lumber from Indonesia comes already treated – therefore, using local trees in Singapore means doing the full cycle of treatment in-house, including up to 6 months of drying time before work can even commence on the raw material.


One of Morgan and Ryan’s greatest dreams is to take a tree that has been fallen, turn it into a beautiful piece of furniture and, when the lifespan of the furniture ends, place it back into the open and let it decompose naturally.

Building a Legacy

Today, together with their team of carpenters, Roger&Sons are creating beautiful spaces and bespoke pieces for some of the largest companies in Singapore including Google, W Hotels and a host of other local brands.


Besides ramping up The Local Trees Project, the brothers are also dedicated to teaching the next generation about carpentry and the importance of owning furniture that can be passed down from one generation to the next.


For Morgan and Ryan, Roger&Sons represents sustainability. Sustaining their father’s work. Sustaining the knowledge passed down from the previous generation. And being sustainable when it comes to sourcing materials.


These all come together to sustain a legacy that they can pass down to the next generation.