An Early Fascination

A young man with an infectious smile and unwavering optimism, Krithin inspires everyone around him.


He has been a car enthusiast from a young age, ever since a childhood dream of being behind the wheel of a beautiful sports car made him fall in love with motion.


He loves the aesthetics. The design. The technology.


More than anything else, he has always been fascinated by Porsche. Not just the brand and the cars, but the creators and their spirit of innovation.


This fascination inspired Krithin to create beautiful illustrations of Porsche cars, leading him to self-publish a book of his drawings. But this is just the beginning for Krithin, because his dreams don’t stop there.

When my hands won’t do what my mind thinks, my passion for speed pushes me forwards.
Krithin Paul PereiraIllustrator & Automotive Student

Art in Motion

For Krithin, art is a labour of love. Although his mind and his hands do not always cooperate, activities like swimming, horse riding and robotics have made his hands more flexible.


With this, Krithin is able to express his love and admiration for Porsche through his drawings of Porsche cars new and old. From outlining the car, to filling in the colours – each stroke of the pen carries Krithin’s passion to the page.

An Unforgettable Journey

In 2018, Krithin visited the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. From an immense statue of Ferdinand Porsche to a display of classic cars, as well as a guided tour of the museum, this was truly the trip of a lifetime for the young dreamer.

Driven by Dreams

Returning home from this awe-inspiring trip, Krithin was more driven than ever to make his dream of motion a reality.


Fast forward to today, and Krithin is enrolled in the Automotive Course at Young Aces Technical College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With every lesson and technical deep-dive he learns, his passion and admiration for cars only grows deeper.

Nothing is Impossible

Krithin, who lives with cerebral palsy, has already accomplished so much at a young age, despite the challenges he faces.


Krithin is steadfast in his passions. His passion for art. His passion for motion.


And now, he dreams of continuing his automotive studies abroad. Of, one day, designing a luxury electric sports car for differently-abled people.


Ultimately, of being behind the wheel of a black Porsche convertible, with his foot flat on the accelerator.


Krithin is a dreamer, and nothing will stop him.