What’s it like to own a classic Porsche 997 Turbo?
An aircraft engineer with a love of speed talks about her dream car
Woman walking towards white Porsche 911 with aeroplane in hangar
Iiris Vuorma used her engineering skills to rebuild her blisteringly quick Porsche 911 Turbo – a car that’s as fun to commute in as it is out on the track
It’s not an exaggeration to say that, for Iiris Vuorma, an early exposure to Porsche was the catalyst that launched a career. Today the Finnish 911 fan is a licensed aircraft mechanic, but her interest in following an engineering career began way back as a child, when her father used to take her to a local race circuit in south west Finland. It was here, as they watched Porsche racecars fly around the track at speeds topping 320km/h, that Iiris developed an appetite for fast engines. “I’ve always loved speed and adrenaline,” she says.
White Porsche 911 Turbo (type 997) driving on cobbled street
For aircraft engineer Iiris Vuorma, buying her 911 Turbo (type 997) was the culmination of a lifelong dream
As Iiris began dreaming of one day owning a Porsche, so her interest in engines, technology and transport began to grow. Her job today mainly sees her work on Airbus passenger planes at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. It’s a role that not only satisfies her love of engineering but has also allowed that Porsche dream of hers to come true. Just over a year ago Iiris bought her first 911 – a Turbo (type 997). Unsurprisingly, she got straight to work under the bonnet of her dream Porsche.For Iiris, a 911 is more than just a car to drive – it’s just as much about how it makes you feel. “Porsche means high quality, responsibility and credibility,” she says. “And it also means excitement, power and speed.”
A white Porsche 911 (type 997) parked beside an airplane
Ready for take-off: with its Tiptronic S gearbox, Iiris’ 911 Turbo, a first-generation type 997, can do the 0-100km/h sprint in 3.7 seconds
How did you buy your first ever Porsche 911, Iiris?“I bought my 997 Turbo from a car dealer who is also a friend. He was selling a 16-year-old car in original condition that just needed a bit of love. After my spouse and I decided to buy it, we brought it home and took the engine apart in our own garage and replaced lots of parts. Even though I had some experience with a 911 Carrera (type 997) before, this was the first time I had ever worked on a Porsche engine. It was fun to learn new skills and see how the different parts of the engine work. In fact, I like the idea of doing it again. Getting my hands dirty and doing repairs on my own is familiar to me because of my work in the aviation world.”
Woman with latex gloves working on car engine in garage
Working mechanically on her first Porsche 911 has been an exciting part of the ownership experience for Iiris so far
Tell us more about how you fell in love with the Porsche 911? “When I was young, our dad would take us to see Porsche cars race at the Alastaro Circuit near home. I began to dream about them right there. When I first got to drive a car like that, it really was love at first sight. I wanted one of my own. Years later, there I was on that same track driving my own Porsche. It was not in a competition – purely for practice and fun – but it was so cool! I’m grateful for that opportunity. Dreams can come true when you work hard to achieve them!”How does it feel to drive a Porsche 911?“It’s so fun – never boring! It puts a smile on my face and on other faces too. I get a lot of waving and thumbs up when I’m driving my car, especially from kids. A Porsche 911 is a sportscar but a road car too, and that’s what’s so awesome about them. They are great to drive anywhere.”
Woman leaning on white Porsche 911 Turbo (type 997)
As well as the type 997 Turbo, Iiris and her spouse also own a 1986 944 Turbo. “We just like turbos!” she says
Is your Porsche 911 Turbo your daily driver? “I drive it in the summer like any regular car. I use it for shopping, groceries and going to work. We also go on road trips and to car events with other Porsche owners. But mainly I enjoy driving around on beautiful summer evenings. Driving on empty, small roads is the best.”What’s it like to become part of the Porsche community?“The Porsche community in Finland, just like it is all over the world, is like one big family. I like the atmosphere so much. We support each other and spend time together at events because we all enjoy driving and looking at fantastic cars. I’m really proud to be part of an incredible group of people who helped me make the decision to get one of the best cars in the world.”
White Porsche 911 Turbo (type 997) in a Finnish forest
Finland has so many great – and very quiet – driving roads, but Iiris has a further dream to one day race her 997 Turbo on the track
Do you have dreams of racing your 911?“Yes, I dream about that. I just need more training on the tracks and time to practice. Of course, my car will need to be in track condition too. Maybe someday I will do it but if not racing then perhaps I can compete in time attacks.”
Woman sat in Porsche 997 Turbo with red leather interior)
Iiris’s 911 Turbo has a red interior that reflects her passion for speed
“The 911 is just so beautiful and timeless,” says Iiris. She describes the thrill of when the turbo kicks in, that injection of fun and excitement, of all that torque, as making her feel so alive. And she doesn’t want it to stop here, with a Porsche GT2 RS on her ultimate wish list. “Dream big, always!” she says.
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