Everything you need to know about the new Porsche Taycan Turbo GT
Why the new all-electric Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package is the most powerful production Porsche yet
Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Purple Sky Metallic static on racetrack
Consumption and emission information Taycan Turbo GT (WLTP): Electric energy consumption combined: 21,6 - 20,7 kWh/100 km; CO₂ emissions combined: 0 g/km; CO₂ class: A. Taycan Turbo GT mit Weissach-Paket (WLTP): Electric energy consumption combined: 21,3 - 20,6 kWh/100 km; CO₂ emissions combined: 0 g/km; CO₂ class: A.
With astonishing performance, incredible dynamics and head-turning looks, the record-breaking Taycan Turbo GT is the fastest all-electric production car Porsche that has ever built
The performance of the new Taycan Turbo GT helps redefine what can currently be achieved by all-electric production cars. In its Weissach package form, an optional aerodynamic kit, it is the company’s most powerful production car yet (information correct as of May 2024). The Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package has already broken lap records for all-electric vehicles at two legendary race venues – the Nürburgring Nordschleife and California’s Laguna Seca. But the Taycan Turbo GT has plenty more to boast about. As well as being a standout performer on the track, for everyday driving on the highway it guarantees road trips spent in comfort and elegance.How fast is the Taycan Turbo GT?The Taycan Turbo GT is equipped with advanced aerodynamic measures, lightweight construction and a new rear-axle motor that enables even more dynamic performance than its predecessor models. Exceptional torque levels allow it to sprint from 0 to 100km/h in just 2.3 seconds. If you opt for the Weissach package – available when ordering for no extra cost – you can shave off an additional tenth of a second, increasing acceleration to a breathtaking 2.2 seconds. It makes the new Taycan Turbo GT and Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package one and two-tenths of a second faster respectively than its predecessor, the Taycan Turbo S. Both cars have a power output of 789PS which rises to 1034PS using Overboost Power with Launch Control.In addition to its enhanced acceleration capabilities, the Taycan Turbo GT sees the introduction of the dynamic Attack Mode, similar to the boost feature found on the Porsche 99X Formula E race cars. Attack Mode can be activated via a paddle behind the steering wheel or with the simple press of a button, and instantly adds a further 68PS to the car’s peak output. When using Attack Mode, animated rings displayed on the speedometer help add an extra exciting element to your driving experience.To further underscore the impressive capabilities of the Taycan Turbo GT, it has a top speed of 305km/h for the Weissach package model, while the Taycan Turbo GT model checks in at a still formidable 290km/h.
Porsche Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package on racetrack
In its Weissach package form, the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 2.2 seconds Photo: Porsche
What are the exterior highlights of the new Taycan Turbo GT?Aside from supreme performance, the Taycan Turbo GT features a host of other technological upgrades. For example, the bespoke chassis provides sharper, more dynamic handling on the road, with 900-amp pulse inverters on the rear axle helping deliver even more power and torque than the 600-ampere pulse inverter in the Taycan Turbo S.The transmission ratio and gearbox have also been upgraded, increasing maximum torque to 1240 Newton metres in both vehicle versions, while WLTP range is extended to 555km. For customers, this can translate to fewer stops to recharge and more power on the road.The latest Taycan Turbo GT models feature a lighter overall structure, reducing the weight of the car by up to 75kg compared to its predecessors. This is made possible by weight-saving innovations, like the use of carbon fibre components for the B-pillar trims, door mirror housings and side skirt inlays, as well as lightweight CFRP bucket seats. The brakes have also been replaced with lighter ceramic ones, and the brake disc chamber and callipers have been upgraded to further reduce weight. As an added touch, the brake callipers are finished exclusively in Victory Gold.
Porsche Taycan Turbo GT on racetrack in Seville, Spain
Porsche motorsport DNA is evident in every line and curve of the Taycan Turbo GT. Combined with more than 1100PS of all-electric power, when using Attack Mode, for both models, it all adds up to the most powerful series-production Porsche ever Photo: Porsche
What are the Taycan Turbo GT rear wings and exclusive paint finishes?At the front, the Taycan Turbo GT features a specially designed front spoiler with aero blades. Meanwhile, the rear is dominated by the adaptive rear spoiler, which is finished in stunning high gloss carbon fibre. The model with the Weissach package features a fixed carbon-weave finish rear wing with wing supports fixed to the body, while additional aerodynamics measures include air deflector elements on the underbody and a new front diffuser. When it comes to colour, you’re spoilt for choice with six premium options, including shades such as Pale Blue Metallic and Purple Sky Metallic, reserved exclusively for the Turbo GT for one year from its launch in March 2024. Of course, you can also pick a colour that’s uniquely yours by choosing the Porsche Paint to Sample option, to make an even more personal statement.The Taycan Turbo GT also features Matrix LED headlights, which can be upgraded to HD Matrix LED headlights free of charge.
Interior of the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT
The Taycan Turbo GT is built to take a racetrack in its stride, but its performance-focused interior is made to make you feel at home on long road trips Photo: Porsche
How much does the Taycan Turbo GT weigh?The Taycan Turbo GT checks in at an unladen weight of 2365 kg. With its extra performance enhancing weight-saving measures, the Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package tips the scale at 2295kg.What is the interior like in the Taycan Turbo GT? From the outside and with its many dynamic attributes, the Taycan Turbo GT is another display of Porsche commitment to its motorsport heritage. And yet its luxury interior does not make any sacrifices to do so. From responsive touchscreen interfaces to customisable ambient lighting, every detail enhances the journey, making the Taycan Turbo GT a sanctuary of advanced technology and premium materials.Record lap breaker: Taycan Turbo GT at Laguna Seca and NürburgringJust before it went on sale in March 2024, the Taycan Turbo GT proved its track credentials when a model sporting the Weissach package set a remarkable record at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca. Piloted by Porsche development driver Lars Kern, the car clocked an astonishing 1 minute 27.87-second lap, becoming the fastest road-legal electric vehicle ever at the famous Californian track.“The track at Laguna Seca pushes the Taycan Turbo GT to the limit. It’s the overall package that makes the difference,” says Lars. “The Turbo GT with Weissach package sets new standards in almost every metric. These include acceleration and braking, an Attack Mode that’s intuitive to use and a powertrain designed for maximum traction and performance. And the cornering grip levels are just as impressive. It is incredibly good fun to drive this car around the undulating track at Laguna Seca.”Prior to this, Lars set another benchmark Nürburgring by driving a pre-production Taycan Turbo GT around the Nordschleife in just 7 minutes 7.55 seconds, setting a record for the fastest lap by a four-door car of any powertrain type at this legendary motorsport venue.
Taycan Turbo GT reviews Here’s what the automotive press has to say about the Taycan Turbo GT.“On paper, 2.2 seconds is just a number. In real life, a Launch Control start in the Taycan Turbo GT is a physical event that few other cars can even get close to.”
CAR magazine (UK), April 2024
“We are rarely speechless, but here it was almost so. Luckily, in the end we recovered from the elemental power of the new Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package and can say: world class.”
Auto Bild (DE), April 2024
“This is the first four-door EV we’ve driven that you can really drive like a sports car. The steering has that wonderful Porsche feel, the body is superbly controlled, and the grip levels are extraordinarily high.”
Edmunds.com (USA), April 2024
“This lack of body movement and the precision of the Taycan’s controls gives you confidence to commit and use the mountain of performance available. When you do, the GT finds great traction yet is easily adjustable on the throttle when needed, the rear end sticking to the ground and driving you hard out of corners.”
Auto Express (UK), April 2024
Close-up of Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package rear spoiler
The rear spoiler on the Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package impresses both visually and dynamically with a fixed rear wing in a carbon-weave finish, with wing supports fixed to the body Photo: Porsche
How much is the Taycan Turbo GT?We’ve seen all the car’s features, but how much does the Taycan Turbo GT cost? Prices for the Taycan Turbo GT and Taycan Turbo GT with Weissach package start at €240,000 in Germany, from £186,300 in the UK, $230,000 in the USA and CNY 1,998,000 in China, with all figures for the base configuration*.*Prices correct as of May 2024. Please note that availability may vary by market and prices are subject to change, so prospective buyers are advised to contact their local Porsche dealer for the most accurate information.
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