8 things you need to know about living with a Porsche Taycan
Three Taycan owners reveal all about their electric cars
Three Taycan cars with owners in a variety of landscapes
From a smooth driving experience to easy charging to performance, three Taycan owners explain what they love most about their cars
Since the launch in 2019 of the Taycan, the all-electric Porsche sportscar, thousands of owners have been attracted by its ability to balance excellent driving dynamics, four-door practicality, sporty styling and the many benefits of owning an EV. To find out more about the Taycan when it comes to driving it, charging it and its unique performance, we spoke to three Taycan owners in Norway about their cars and asked for their real-world experiences.1 The Taycan has sporty Porsche DNA“I feel that the Taycan and the 911 have so many similarities,” says Trond He, who works as a marketing director and photographer for a used car dealership in Norway. His love of design is what drew him to Porsche, and he bought his Taycan Turbo S because he wanted a car that was both fast and sporty.
Man leaning into Porsche Taycan boot while parked in field
Photographer Trond He bought his used Taycan Turbo S in 2022 with only 5,000 km on the clock. Trond felt it was the perfect vehicle for his adventurous lifestyle | PHOTO: Trond He @trondzhe
2 The Taycan is perfect for long road trips Marcus Valeur is a content creator, professional photographer and Taycan owner from Oslo. He’s worked with Porsche on several projects, in Norway and internationally, building up an impressive following on Instagram. “Working with Porsche meant that I got to drive a lot of cars, especially the Taycan, on assignments,” he says. “I ended up getting a second-hand 2021 Taycan Cross Turismo 4 and I drove it on lots of jobs that required me to go on long road trips, like one where we went to Norway’s Lofoten Islands to photograph the Northern Lights. We would practically live in the car for 18 hours a day and it was so easy to do so. The feeling I got while driving it made me fall in love with it!”3 The Taycan is a great family car“I have two daughters, aged seven and two, and the eldest is one of the reasons why we bought the Taycan!” says Øystein Alsaker, who owns a Taycan 4S. “My wife wasn’t so sure about the car, but we took our daughter to the dealership. She was about three and a half at the time. She got in the car, saw the glass roof and loved it. That’s when my wife knew she had to give in.”Øystein – who is a physics teacher at a high school in Bergen, Norway – has always had a passion for sportscars but found most impractical for family life. “We didn’t get a car until we had children,” he says. “One of the big advantages of the Taycan is that it’s a four-door sportscar with plenty of room for kids. I spoke to a neighbour who told me how much they loved their Taycan – not that I needed any further convincing. Buying one was a no-brainer.”This practicality is something that Marcus definitely agrees with. As the father of a one-year-old, it’s at the top of his list when it comes to what he wants from a car. “You can take all your stuff and your kids without sacrificing sportiness or driving pleasure,” he says. “Most family cars are seen as boring. But with a Taycan you can still have that incredible driving experience – you can still have fun, but you also have a family car. There’s no need to compromise.”
Taycan Cross Turismo 4 parked under the Northern Lights
Marcus Valeur fell in love with his Taycan Cross Turismo 4 after driving it while shooting a photographic assignment for Porsche in Norway. He ended up buying the car a week later | PHOTO: Marcus Valeur @marcusvaleur
4 Why it’s fun to drive a Taycan“Driving a Taycan just feels so fluid,” says Trond who, since he was a boy, had dreamed of one day owning a Porsche. “Everything works beautifully. With the Taycan, I feel so much in control of the driving experience. And it is so sporty. It has a real presence when you drive it.”“I think the best thing about the Taycan is that it can do it all,” adds Marcus, who also loves racing cars in his spare time. “You can put it in Sport Mode, hit the track and have a good time, or switch to comfort mode on road trips and just cruise along. It’s a car that’s exciting when driven quickly but also when used for everyday tasks.”“It’s such an engaging car, but it’s also very comfortable – even on long journeys,” says Øystein. “I don’t get tired, and my back never hurts. Plus, it’s just beautiful to look at and fun to drive, so you end up looking for excuses to drive it more often. It also gets my kids involved. They love riding along in it.”5 The Taycan is a perfect car for winter“When it comes to the driving experience, electric cars are great in the winter,” says Trond who, living in Norway, has experienced plenty of winter road trips into the mountains. Snow and low temperatures never seem to faze the Taycan, he says.“I think of cars as living beings,” Trond continues. “When you start an internal combustion car, there are so many moving parts, from the pistons to the oil to the engine that needs to be lubricated. So if you’re just going for a short drive, say 10 minutes, it feels like such a strain on a combustion engine car. But with electric cars, it’s so easy – you just switch on the engine and shoot off. I used to feel self-conscious driving a diesel car in winter because I felt like I was treating the car badly. I never get that feeling with my Taycan.”
Man standing next to Taycan 4S, parked in winter landscape
When an EV charger was installed in the car park where he lives, Øystein Alsaker decided that it was time to get an electric car. He tested several, but the Taycan 4S was his favourite | PHOTO: Øystein Alsaker @crayon_taycan
6 The Taycan is easy to recharge and maintain“Owning an EV like the Taycan means that we don’t have to stop to refuel on a road trip – we just charge it overnight,” says Marcus, who travels extensively for both work and pleasure. “A lot of people in Norway have range anxiety, especially in winter because it gets very cold, but I’ve never had that feeling. I just type where I’m going into the GPS and the system figures it out, telling me when to stop and how long to charge.”“It’s easy to charge my Taycan because I have a charger in my garage,” adds Øystein. “I find it an easy car to live with. I never have to stop at a petrol station, and I haven’t had to do any maintenance on the car since I got it, apart from the obligatory service. You never have to do an oil change, for example!”
Man inside a Porsche Taycan with a truffle brown interior
Trond loves the truffle brown interior in his Taycan – and the fact that he can fit all his camera equipment into its spacious luggage compartment | PHOTO: Trond He @trondzhe
7 The Taycan is very spacious“The Taycan is really spacious – even the saloon version,” says Trond. “When I drive the Taycan in the winter, I usually have three pairs of skis, a Porsche bike and all my camera equipment on or inside the car. Then I have about three suitcases and my daily rucksack in the seating area up front. And it all fits.”
Taycan driving towards rocky beach at dusk, shrouded in mist
The all-electric Taycan is at home even in the most remote areas – like Norway’s Lofoten Islands, as Marcus discovered | PHOTO: Marcus Valeur @marcusvaleur
8 How much is a Porsche Taycan?The cost of a new Taycan car varies across different markets. In the US, the new 2024 Taycan starts from $99,400, in the UK from £86,500 and for Germany it’s €101,500. In the Middle East, prices for a new Taycan start from AED 416,300 in the UAE and SAR 465,600 in Saudi Arabia. Prices are correct as of April 2024. Always check the Porsche Car Configurator for updates or your local Porsche dealer.
Consumption and emission information Taycan Turbo GT (WLTP): Electric energy consumption combined: 21,6 - 20,7 kWh/100 km; CO₂ emissions combined: 0 g/km; CO₂ class: A.
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