Chasing a dream

When you see a Porsche, how does it make you feel? On International Women’s Day, we meet five women who began with a dream of owning a Porsche. A dream they would make a reality. Five stories that made these dreams a reality through dedication, determination and, above all, a desire to get behind the wheel and experience the drive.


Precision driver
In her garage: 911T, 911 (930) Turbo and Macan S


Woman in front of 911 Turbo, ocean behind her

“When I was a little girl, one of my mom’s friends bought a Porsche. She was an executive and wasn’t married, but here she was driving a car that mostly men drove at the time. I thought the car was so amazing. From that day forward, I knew that I would eventually own one too. No longer just a ‘man’s car’ in my mind anymore, it gave me new aspirations and dreams.  

“I now work as a precision driver [Lara works on Hollywood movies]. No flips in burning cars. It’s more about dynamic precision – not running over the cameras or putting anyone in danger.

“When I bought my first Porsche, that dream became a reality. I now own three Porsches from three different decades – a 1969 911T, a 1982 911 Turbo (930) and a 2015 Macan S – and the feeling I have in each of them is so different, yet so consistent. For me, there really is no substitute.”


In her garage: 911 Turbo (997.1)

Woman in fuchsia coat in front of black 911 Turbo

“I was born in the mid-1980s and, as a child, I adored the 964 and 993. I think goals are important to success so when I launched my first business aged 25, I aimed to buy my dream Porsche 911 Turbo outright before I was 30. With a lot of hard work, I achieved it. Just!

“Some people buy cars as a status symbol, but I’m really not interested in what other people think. I drive a Porsche for the smile it puts on my face every time I start it up. The feeling when you accelerate, the way it grips the road… and that sound when the turbo spools. It still makes me tingle every time. My 997.1 Turbo is getting cooler by the year. We plan to grow old disgracefully together.”


Content creator
In her garage: 718 Cayman

Woman leans on bonnet of white 718 Cayman

Being from Los Angeles, we’re exposed to many different types of sports cars, but the first time I saw a Porsche, I fell in love. I had to have one. Or two… or three! How could they make something so beautiful, with such emotion, character, gorgeous curves and power? Finally, six years ago, the time had come. I saved up and got my first Porsche, a 981 Cayman. It wasn’t just a drive, it was an experience, a feeling. Something I couldn’t explain. Then, in 2018, I got to order a new 718 Cayman exactly how I wanted it. I wanted it to be the lightest 718 out there, so I only needed two options – PDK and folding mirrors.

“Owning a Porsche means much more than just driving one, especially as a woman. Not only does it give me an exhilarating feeling every time I get behind the wheel, what I really love is how the Porsche community ‘adopts’ you. It’s common to get a wave on the road from fellow Porsche drivers. Next on my list? A 911!”

Some people buy cars as a status symbol, but I’m not interested in what other people think. I drive a Porsche for the smile it puts on my face
RebeccaEntrepreneur and 911 Turbo owner


Marketing director
In her garage: 911 Carrera 4S

Woman leans against her 911, door open, as sun shines

“It was shortly after my 21st birthday that I bought my first Porsche. A 1991 928 GT in Grand Prix white, it was the only 928 in [the Brazilian capital] Brasilia – where I lived at the time – and it was love at first sight. Not only was it beautiful, but it was also a dream to drive. I was hooked.

“Owning a Porsche has led me on a great personal journey. I now live in California and drive a 911 Carrera 4S. My Porsche has introduced me to a wonderful community and created so many opportunities. It has enabled me to experience wonderful drives and adventures. I’m currently the President of the Porsche Club of America for the Los Angeles region and co-founder of Accelerating Change, an automotive experience company for women. I’m delighted to see more women discover the thrill of owning a Porsche. It’s something I’m looking forward to see grow and grow.”


Business owner
In her garage: 911 GT3 RS

Woman sits cross-legged on floor, blue 911 GT3 behind her

“Growing up, I only ever dreamed of owning a Porsche one day. In high school, my friend’s father had one, which we may have had a ‘Ferris Bueller’s…’ kind of day in. This was the first real performance car I ever got to drive. I’ve owned many Porsche cars [since then] and through owning an exotic performance shop in Los Angeles for 17 years I’ve also had the pleasure of driving so many more, including most of the RS models to the Carrera GT and 918. 

“When I get into a Porsche it feels like an extension of me. It’s perfectly balanced, light, precise and fast. I feel completely connected to the car, like we are one. A Porsche is the most versatile car. I can drive on the track, in canyons, off-road – if you’re a bit adventurous – and then look stunning driving it to dinner in an urban environment. Driving has always been my therapy.”

Porsche and the pursuit of happiness

Build your new 911
Porsche 911 round a curve on winding sunlit hillside road